General explanation

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In response to student requests, the Department of Teacher education extended the registration deadline. For more details click here.

Studies toward a teaching certificate take place at the same time and in parallel with Bachelor's degree studies in one of the areas of secondary school teaching.


A. Study objectives


To enable students to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical training in the teaching professions, so that they will be able to teach in the area of their specialization in secondary schools (both junior high and high schools).


B. Admission requirements


  • 1. Students can join the course for teacher training in the field of studies taught in secondary schools starting from their second academic year at Bar-Ilan University.
  • 2. An appropriate GPA in the field of specialization is required: GPA of 75 or higher.
  • 3. Personal suitability (as determined by an interview).
  • 4. Compliance with detailed requirements regarding the continuing education track in coordination between the Department of Teacher education and the departments (mandatory courses, completion, etc.).
  • 5. Graduates of other universities, colleges, and extensions are accepted only after obtaining a Bachelor's degree, and after they have been assigned to special supplemental courses, as determined by the Head of the department in coordination with the head of the track in the field of specialization.
  • In Special Education, GPA of 80 or higher


C. Curriculum

  • 1. The teacher training curriculum is based on two years of study.

Second-year students in Bachelor's degree studies can complete the teaching certificate program in their fourth year at the university.

(It is not possible to complete the Bachelor's degree and the teaching certificate studies the same year).

  • 2. The program includes courses and workshops on the following topics: the theory of teaching, educational psychology studies, acquisition of fundamentals and practical problem-solving workshop, teaching the specialization subject - methods of instruction, use of teaching aids and teaching practice, tests and evaluations, and incorporating computers in the classroom. In addition, special courses are required in the teaching of the student's subject of specialization and for expanding relevant knowledge. Students also undergo practical training in two stages: teaching training in stage I and practical work in stage II.



The following specialization subjects are offered in studies toward a teaching certificate:


  • Jewish art - as a primary or secondary major
  • English - literature or linguistics, only as a major or extended course
  • Life sciences - only when taught as an extended course (biology, biotechnology, neuroscience - only when the subject is taught within the biology specialization track)
  • Geography - as a primary or secondary major
  • History - as a primary or secondary major
  • Chemistry - as a primary or secondary major
  • Israel studies - as a primary or secondary major
  • Language and expression - as a primary or secondary major
  • Social sciences - for students majoring in the following departments: Sociology, Political science, Economics, Combined micro-macro department, Psychology, and Criminology (supplementary courses are determined in cooperation with the head of the track).
  • Music - as a primary major or expanded course
  • Mathematics - as a primary major or expanded course
  • Literature - as a primary or secondary major
  • Hebrew - only when studying literature and language
  • Arabic - only when learning it as a primary major (as a secondary major only when Arabic is a student's mother tongue and with the prior approval of the head of the track)
  • Oral tradition - as a primary or secondary major
  • Bible - as a primary or secondary major
  • Communication - only when studying political science and communication as a primary major or expanded course
  • Special Education- when studied as a primary major or when fulfilling prior requirements.