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Learning Disabilities


The Master's degree in learning disabilities trains specialists to evaluate the learning potential of students and of adults with learning disabilities to accommodate their special needs.


The degree prepares the students to evaluate children from the early reading stages throughout the upper grades of high and into adulthood, as well as evaluate the existing programs, develop intervention programs and prepare study programs.


Students will be trained to become experts with up-to-date theoretical knowledge in learning processes and learning disabilities, and will acquire knowledge in research innovations and applied knowledge.


Study framework


The program offers a comprehensive course of study that provides knowledge in the field of learning disabilities, train students for research in this area on one hand, and for practical clinical work on the other. The curriculum has a theoretical component and a training component: theoretical and research studies together with applied specialization in evaluating and treating learning disabilities.


Because of its training character, the program continues for five semesters (two and a half years).

Class schedule includes at least three days a week.




Within the framework of practicum students are required to conduct, according to standards, ten evaluations and write a comprehensive report on cognitive, linguistic, and academic functioning, including appropriate recommendations.


Students are also required to perform remedial teaching totaling 72 hours over the entire period of studies.

A passing grade for the practicum is a prerequisite for receiving a degree in Learning disabilities.


(The practicum is not included within the framework of lecture hours).


Target audience: students with a Bachelor's degree in the fields of special education, counseling, as well as in therapy and para-medical professions such as psychology, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and social work.


The application process


The following factors are considered: GPA in BA degree studies (minimum 87), interview, letters of recommendation, and field experience. Applicants must send separately their resume and a current picture image to the Hadad Center at the School of Education.


For the recommendation form for the Master's degree click here

For the recommendation form for the Master's degree - Professional click here

To view the curriculum click here (there may be changes in the schedule)


Teaching staff - active researchers with international publications:

Dr. Rachel Schiff - Program director

Dr. Taly Vishna

Dr. Leah Joseph

Dr. Nira Mashal

Dr. Ronit Ram-Tzur

Dr. Amalia Bar-On

Dr. Adina Shamir

Prof. David Zuriel

Prof. Shlomo Kaniel


For questions and additional information please contact the Hadad Center:

Phone: 03-5318705

Fax: 03-5351045 @


Last Updated Date : 26/08/2018