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Curricular design

Learning and teaching curricula. The program trains curriculum developers, who have knowledge and tools for developing and evaluating the school and system-wide curricula and designing continuing education programs for teachers according to the needs of the system. The program trains experts in the modern processes of teaching and learning, learning theories, pedagogical strategies, and new teaching methods. A unique track in the program encourages students to perform curricular research in all school subjects and unique educational programs.

Admission requirements: Bachelor's degree with a GPA of at least 82, a teaching certificate and/or experience in the field of education. Complete details about degree studies, learning tracks, studying for a certificate, and admission requirements can be found on the School of Education website:


The Open is on Thursday and Friday 7-8 of Adar (1-2 March) You are invited to meet with us to check out the options and registration for the Master's degree studies.

For more information contact:

Program Director of Curricular Design: Dr. Deborah Court,

email: Tel: 050-9330463

Deputy program director: Dr. Etty Ornan,

email: Tel: 052-4482317
Master's degree studies advisor: Ms. Rose Sharabi,

email: Tel: 5318456-03
Master's degree studies secretary: Ms. Sharon Haklay,



The curriculum will be published later.

To view the curriculum of the second year click here


Academic Staff: Deborah Court

Last Updated Date : 27/08/2018