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Leadership and management of education systems


Bachelor's degree


Track objectives

  • Becoming acquainted with the philosophical and historical infrastructure of education.
  • Study of basic issues in the history of Jewish education and issues in pedagogy and psychology.
  • Study of basic theories in education management, social and informal education, and curriculum planning.
  • Laying the foundations for educating researchers and scholars in education management, social education, informal education, and curriculum planning.


Framework for Bachelor's studies


First-year studies:


Basic courses in education, quantitative research, psychology, sociology, and administration, as well as courses on the education system in Israel.


Second-year studies:


Several advanced courses on education in general and education administration in particular, as well as foundations of qualitative research.


Third-year studies:


Application of knowledge and the use of tools acquired as part of a seminar paper written that year. Students also have practicum one day a week. This day must be free from any other activity. More details are provided at the beginning of the year by the person in charge of the practicum workshop.

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Last Updated Date : 03/03/2014