Bachelor's degree

Application requirements

1. Matriculation certificate

2. Psychometric score


Application requirements for various programs can be found in the scientific information booklet.

The booklet can be purchased at the Diunon store on campus or at Steimatzky bookstores.


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Primary major:

Bachelor's degree studies for a major in education include four separate programs:

1) Educational counseling

Program director: Dr. Kobi Yavlon

Practical work coordinator: Mrs. Roni Golan


2) Special education

Program director: Dr. Adina Shamir

Practical work coordinator: Dr. Esther Isman


3) Early childhood

Program director: Dr. Ofra Korat

Practical work coordinator: Dr. Varda Rosenthal


4) Leadership in educational system management

Program director: Dr. Joseph Klein


Secondary major:

Education as a secondary major is intended only for students studying education as a primary major.

Secondary majors that can be combined with education as a primary major are: foundations of education, administration and policy in education, and informal education.


Structured double-major:

25 credits only (excluding special education). The program is intended only for students whose primary major is in one of the following departments: Classical studies, Bible, Talmud, Jewish history, Jewish art.


Unstructured double-major:

27 credits (excluding special education). The program is intended only for students who choose an additional primary major in another department that allows double-majors.


Registration procedure:

1) Students must indicate the School of Education program in which they wish to enroll at the time of registration to the university. Acceptance of the student in the program is contingent upon the approval by the Student Admissions office.


2) Transferring between the programs (or joining a program) is possible at the end of the first academic year, subject to approval by the Student Admissions office. Requests must be submitted by the middle of the first academic year.

3) Transferring between years of study (including transferring from the first semester to the second) requires approval by the counselor and of the Office of Study Programs and Follow-up.


Exemption from and/or credits for courses and special consideration:

Students who studied in other frameworks courses that are identical in content with courses required by the School of Education, can submit a request to the Status Office for exemption from studies (the Status Committee is the one at the university authorized to grant exemptions).


The request must include the following: a complete list of the titles of courses learned, name of the institution, lecturers' names, course outlines, number of academic hours in the course, and confirmation of the grades.

Incomplete information will preclude the consideration of the student's request.


There are two types of special consideration:


1) Exemption without credit means that the student does not have to take a specific course that had been studied in another framework, but is required to take another course in its place to complete the missing hours.


2) Exemption including credit means that students is credited for number of credits obtained at another institution for a course with a content similar to the one for which he is exempted.



1) Courses that were not taught as part of a recognized framework will not receive credit.


2) Students studying in other departments (such as Sociology, Psychology, etc.) courses that overlap in content with those mandatory in the School of Education may apply for exemption from these courses. The School of Education will substitute other courses for these in order to complete the number of hours needed to obtain the degree. The request must be submitted to the Status Committee.


3) Requests for exemption and/or credit must be submitted to the Status Office at the Information desk in the Administration building (Judaism Building 402) in the first year of study at the beginning of the second semester. The requests must include the details and certificates for the courses taken at other institutions and for which students request an exemption and/or credit.


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