Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education is a one-course major and cannot be combined with other courses.
1. Objectives:
a. Training Early Childhood teaching, counseling, and research personnel for institutions of higher learning
b. Training educators as trainers and supervisors in Early Childhood Education
c. Training educators to plan curricula and implement intervention programs
2. The Early Childhood Education programs aims at:
a. Developing a comprehensive understanding of children's typical and a-typical intellectual, emotional, and motor development; understanding processes of interaction between children and their parents and educators
b. Creating an openness to acquiring updated information on worldwide developments in Early Childhood, applying a critical approach to the studies and their results
c. Acquiring principles of planning Early Education settings, curricula, and forms of prevention and intervention
d. Developing research skills in the field of Early Education, training students to formulate research problems and finding science-based means to solve them
e. Analyzing the influence of the special social and religious structure in Israel on very young children
3. Visits to Early Childhood care institutions
In accordance with a structured curriculum, every second-year student must visit about a dozen different types of educational systems. This will acquaint students with the various settings and provide them with an initial experience and an opportunity to conduct observations.

Head of program: Dr. Koral Ofra
Coordinator of practical work: Dr. Rosenthal Varda

Last Updated Date : 03/03/2014