A message for beginning teachers in preparation for the second year of teaching following the internship year

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A message for beginning teachers in preparation for the second year of teaching following the internship year



You are now nearing the end of your first year of teaching. Entry into the teaching profession is defined in Israel as a three-year stage, which includes the year of internship and the two years following it. At this stage, the professional identity of beginning teachers is formed, as are perceptions regarding teaching persistence or leaving the profession. A structured track of professional mentorship can help to design professional work patterns and prevent teacher drop-out rates as a result of the difficulties inherent in the entry stage of the teaching profession. The professional literature shows that teachers who enter the system with quality professional mentorship are able to form their professional identity in accordance with their personal professional vision.

In your second year of work, you will be accompanied by a teacher mentor. Much like your first year of work, it will include professional guidance in the scope of 20 hours. This mentorship is not recognized and eligible toward promotion in New Horizon, but is significant from the pedagogical-professional and personal point of view as it is a resource available to you at the entry stage of your teaching career.

Concurrently, you must join other professional development courses to complete your studies (60 hours per year).

When choosing a teacher mentor, note that they must have at least 6 years of seniority, is professionally trained in mentorship and mentoring teachers in particular, and has at least two years of experience in training interns, similar to what is stated in the Director General's Circular 2010 1B.

The name of the teacher mentor must be relayed to the coordinator of beginning teachers so that the teacher mentor can be properly compensated. This is after you have spoken with the school principal and after you have the name of the teacher mentor. You can continue with the same mentor who has accompanied you in the past. At Bar-Ilan, you can register online through the Professional Development Unit website.


We wish you much success and continued perseverance in your career!



Last Updated Date : 10/07/2019