Message for new members of the teaching staff before the second teaching year after the internship

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You are now at the end of the first year of teaching after the internship. In Israel, the stage of joining the teaching profession lasts three years, including one year of internship and two subsequent years. At this stage, the professional identity of a new teacher consolidates and the attitude toward persevering in the teaching profession or quitting develops. The structured track of professional guidance can help shape the professional work perceptions and prevent dropping out because of difficulties typical for the stage of initiation into the teaching profession. The professional literature shows that teachers who entered the system with the support of quality professional guidance succeeded in building their professional identity according to their personal professional vision.

This year, the first year of work after a year of internship, special 60-hours courses for first-year teachers were conducted. The courses were organized within the framework of the New Horizon reform for the purpose of promotion. The courses were in a format that combines 40 hours of instruction and 20 hours of individual guidance.

In the second year of your work, individual guidance by a counseling teacher will continue for a total of 20 hours. This guidance is not recognized for the purpose of promotion within the framework of New Horizon, but it is meaningful for you from the personal and pedagogical-professional point of view, and it is a resource at your disposal at the stage of your integration into the teaching profession.

In addition, you must enroll in other courses for professional development to complete the yearly studies for a total of 60 hours.

When choosing the counseling teacher teachers, note that they must have at least six years of seniority, be graduates of a teacher tutoring and guidance program, and have at least two years of experience in tutoring the interns, consistent with the procedures published in the General Director's Circular 2010/1b.

The name of your counseling teacher must be passed to the coordinator of new teaching staff to receive compensation, after consulting with the school principal and after you have reached an agreement. You can continue with the same tutor or guiding teacher who accompanied you in the past. At Bar-Ilan, you can register online at the Continuing Education Unit, Bar-Ilan University.


Best wishes for success and continued perseverance in the teaching profession, the most significant activity for the shaping of Israeli society.