Message for beginning teachers in anticipation of the first teaching year after the internship year

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You are now at the end of your internship year of teaching. This year, you became aware of the complexity and importance of the profession. During this year you were part of the support and evaluation processes that helped you enter into the profession. The following information pertains to the process of obtaining a teaching license and continued professional development in the education system in the year following the internship in teaching.


1. Obtain a teaching license

At the end of the internship year, you must ensure that your online evaluation has been properly prepared and submitted to the Ministry of Education. After successfully completing the requirements in your internship year, including the evaluation process and completion of the workshop requirements, and submission of documents certifying completion of degree and teaching certificate requirements and successful completion of the internship year, you will be issued a teaching license by the Senior Department of Human Resources in Teaching. (Tel .: 025604742).

The practical significance of obtaining a teaching license is the transition from the status of "intern" to the status of a "beginning teacher".


2. Professional development is mandatory for new teaching staff

According to the "New Horizon" reform policy, you are exiting the internship year and entering the system of professional development, which also entitles you to advance in the professional ranks. In the year following the internship, you must register for a compulsory course intended for new teaching staff only, which includes meetings and personal guidance.

Course duration: 60 hours, 30 hours in a group setting and 20 hours personal hours (in which you will meet with a teacher mentor). This course is the only one meant for advancement for new teachers according to the New Horizon reform policy. You must coordinate your choice for a teacher mentor with your principal\supervisor.  The teacher mentor can be the same teacher mentor from your internship year.

The following is a quote from the Director General's Circular (2010 (1), B):

"In the first year after the internship, beginning teachers should not be required to take part in other or additional professional development courses, since the course for new teachers is the most appropriate course for the new teachers at the stage of entering the profession In special cases, such as a demand for studies relevant to ​​the ministry's goals, the new teacher will be allowed to accumulate credits for further courses."

Register for a course that is relevant to discipline in which you teach at any of the colleges of education or universities. The course is built for teachers of the same discipline and from the same age group of students.

Registration for the course will be done by the coordinator of courses for new teachers at the college or university.

At Bar-Ilan you can register online at the Bar-Ilan Professional Development Unit website.


Last Updated Date : 10/07/2019