Message for teacher trainees in anticipation of the first teaching year after the internship

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To teaching interns:



You are now at the end of you year of teaching internship. During this year you had a chance to understand the complexity of the teaching profession and its great importance. In the course of the year you participated in the support and evaluation processes that helped you enter the teaching profession. The information that follows concerns the teaching certificate and the continuation of your professional development in the education system during the post-internship year.


1. Obtaining a license to engage in teaching


At the end of the internship year you must make sure the final assessment was conducted properly and the results passed to the Ministry of Education. After you successfully complete all requirements of the internship year, including the process of assessment and meeting the workshop requirements, upon filing the documents confirming the completion of degree studies and of the teaching certificate, and your successful completion of the internship, a license to engage in teaching is issued for you by the Senior Teaching HR Division (Tel: 02-560-4742).

The practical significance of obtaining the license to engage in teaching is the transition from the status of "intern" to the status of "new member of the teaching staff."


2. Mandatory professional development of new members of the teaching staff


According to the New Horizon policy guidelines, in the course of the post-internship year you join the system of professional development, which also entitles you to promotions. The year following the internship you must register for a mandatory course designed exclusively for new teaching staff, which includes personal sessions and guidance.

Scope of the course: 60 hours, in a format of 40 hours of group sessions and 20 hours of individual guidance. Only this course for new teaching staff is recognized for the purpose of promotion under the New Horizon agreement. The choice of a guide must be coordinated with the supervisor/inspector. The guide can be the teacher who was the tutor during internship.

The following statement is the quotation from the General Director's Circular 2010/1 on this subject: "In the first year after the internship new teachers are not required to participate in other or additional professional development courses, as the course for new teachers is particularly appropriate for new teachers entering the profession at this stage. In special cases, such as a need for studies in the target field of the institution, new teachers will be authorized to accumulate promotion points also for additional courses."

Register for the course at one of the teaching colleges or universities, in the field related to the one you teach. The course is designed for teachers in the same field and belonging to the same age group.

Registration for the course is performed by the coordinator of courses for new teachers at the college or university.

At Bar-Ilan, you can register online at the Continuing Education Unit, Bar-Ilan University.