About the School of Education


General Information

In the School of Education research is conducted into all areas of education, and the following degrees are offered: BA, MA (thesis and non-thesis tracks) and Ph.D. In addition we offer teacher education and professional development in several areas: a program of studies toward a teaching certificate, teaching practicum, and professional development for educators in the field. The School of Education at Bar-Ilan University is the largest of its kind in Israel, with over 2,000 students. Approximately a third of these are BA students, a third are studying for advanced degrees and a third are studying in the teacher education program. In addition, every year approximately 2,000 educational professionals, including teachers, counselors, principals and supervisors, participate in our professional development programs.  

Our motto is “Education and excellence, now and toward the future.” To this end we focus our efforts on three central aims:

  1. Excellence in research and in teaching.
  2. Professional development of educators in the various fields of education.
  3. Contributions to the community and to the shaping of educational policy. 

Areas of Specialization

Study programs are offered in Educational Counseling, Administration of Educational Systems, Special Education, Child Development, Social Education, Curriculum Studies, Teaching Mathematics and the Sciences, Educational Technology and Communications, and Science, Religious Law and Education. The three major areas of activity in the School of Education are research, teaching and contribution to the community. Research and teaching areas include early childhood development, the advancement of teaching, learning and integration, dyslexia, autism, learning disabilities, early childhood science education, mind and education, MA programs for foreign students, programs for the Haredi sector, distance education, development of and support for school science laboratories, community research, environmental research, Holocaust research, future studies, and youth welfare and well-being.