Theses & Dissertations

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Year Student Advisor
2018 The effect of faithless intervention content on self-determination, self-efficacy and empowerment of religious-spiritual resources among adolescent with down syndrome in the Haredic sector (HEBREW) MA Makovetsky, Lea Prof. Lifshitz-Vahav Hefziba, Dr. Dalia Tal
2018 The role of twin’s situation in adult romantic relationships (HEBREW) MA Malek, Chani Dr. Maya Cohen-Malayev, Dr. Nir Madjar
2018 Emotional intelligence and psychological capital : a comparison between adults with intellectual disabilities and adults with typical development (HEBREW) MA Malka-Tzemah, Yael Prof. Lifshitz-Vahav Hefziba
2018 Construction of identities in the birthday party ceremony : perceptions and practices of kindergarten teachers in the Israeli kindergarten (HEBREW) PhD Meir, Hadara Prof. Elie Holzer
2018 "Mothers voice" :Motherhood experience of mothers of children with behavioral disorders : phenomenological research (HEBREW) PhD Menzin, Daniela Prof. Arie Cohen
2018 Working memory (phonological loop, the visuo-spatial sketchpad and the central executive) according to task load among students with ID participating in academic enrichment versus those who are fully integrated in regular courses (HEBREW) MA Mhagna, Mona Prof. Lifshitz-Vahav Hefziba
2018 Systems thinking in educational leadership: structure validation (HEBREW) MA Nadav, Nechama Dr. Pascale Benoliel, Prof. Chen Schechter
2018 Exploring the ethical aspects of TIMSS international learning assessments (HEBREW) PhD Ohayon, Avi Prof. Shapira Orly
2018 Executive functions and their effect on phonology and morphology abilities : a comparison between specific language impairment and typically developed kindergartners (HEBREW) MA Ohayon, Yifat Prof. Rachel Schiff
2018 Teachers’ professional identity in educational innovation (HEBREW) PhD Rachamim, Sharon Prof. Elie Holzer
2018 A tool for measuring the potential success in implementing an innovative technological idea among tech innovators (HEBREW) PhD Rave, Yechiel Prof. David Passig
2018 The role of left IFG in phonological, syntactic and semantic processing of homographic words : a transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) study (HEBREW) PhD Raviv, Haim Prof. Nira Mashal, Prof. Orna Peleg
2018 Perception of the psychological contract violation as a mediator between school environment and utilization of instruction hours in high schools in Israel (HEBREW) MA Sabag, Simcha Merav Prof. Shapira Orly
2018 Influence of teaching calculus issues in Rabbinical literature on of ultra-orthodox students positions towards math (HEBREW) PhD Sendik, Meir Prof. Ely Merzbach, Prof. Noah Dana-Picard
2018 Understanding a story and retrieving it aftar reading the electronic book with a support level of detail, support level of inference and support level of the combination between them (HEBREW) MA Shabo-Rozanski , Gili Prof. Ofra Korat
2018 The development of reference ability : a comparison between children with SLI and children with normal language development (HEBREW) MA Shaham, Aliza Prof. Rachel Schiff
2018 Characteristics of social interaction in preschoolers with high-functioning ASD in different social situations with their peers in relation to ASD severity, social disability, and IQ /(HEBREW) MA Shalom-Zehavi, Merav Prof. Nirit Bauminger
2018 Analysis of mediation components during distance learning of high school students trained in small group (dyad) mediation (HEBREW) MA Shamir, Orit Prof. Joseph Klein, Prof. Offir Baruch
2018 Mediation as a moderating factor of aggression behaviors from watching television (HEBREW) PhD Shany, Yael Prof. Yaacov Yablon
2018 Updating processes following contradictory information in a narrative text : the degree of reader’s access to previous information (HEBREW) MA Shapira, Sivan Prof. Rachel Schiff
2018 Teachers’ pedagogical considerations in developing a program for holocaust studies as the subject matter for the 30/70 principle"? (HEBREW) MA Sokel Danovich, Ma’ayan Prof. Deborah Court
2018 Educational reforms and teachers unions in Israel (2001-2011) (HEBREW) PhD Sorek, Zion Prof. Haim Gaziel
2018 Development of general creativity and mathematical creativity by MCR pedagogy (HEBREW) PhD Taieb, Naama Prof. Zmira Mevarech
2018 Professional identity and career aspirations as mediators between perception of the principal as an authentic leader and teachers’ behaviors and intent to leave in Israel’s educational system (HEBREW) PhD Tsemach, Sigalit Prof. Shapira Orly
2018 The relationship among type of education, creative thinking and social competence of children : a cost-effectiveness analysis for homeschooling in Israel (HEBREW) MA Unger Madar, Michal Dr. Hadar Iris Ben David