Theses & Dissertations

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Year Student Advisor
2018 The effect of font size on reading time, reading comprehension and meta-comprehension in younger and older children (HEBREW) MA Balaish, Yamit Dr. Vered Halamish
2018 Eye movements' patterns among children with and without reading difficulties in different highlighted modes within an educational e-book (HEBREW) MA Bar-Zvi Shaked, Karin Prof. Adina Shamir, Prof. Eli Vakil
2018 The contribution of the use of dialogue, self-expression and choice methods on the success of different types of youth units (HEBREW) PhD Ben Noah, Zvi Prof. Shlomo Romi, Prof. Erik H. Cohen
2018 Team-based simulations as a tool for developing an ethical code of conduct among counselors and employers in supported employment frameworks : learner centered education (HEBREW) PhD Ben-Amram, Miri Prof. Shapira Orly
2018 The adaptation of orthodox women to sexuality after marriage (HEBREW) MA Boxenbaum, Liora Prof. Zehavit Gross
2018 Reading comprehension and meta comprehension in reading from screen verses from paper among second and fifth grade children (HEBREW) MA Elbaz, Elisya Dr. Vered Halamish
2018 Connection between teacher training and education towards emotion control in school (HEBREW) MA Eldad, Shalom Dr. Ari Z. Zivotofsky, Dr. Daniel Raviv
2018 Social interaction characteristics of preschool children with high-function autism spectrum disorder : peer-group intervention outcomes (HEBREW) PhD Eytan, Dganit Prof. Nirit Bauminger-Zviely
2018 Individual differences in discourse abilities among young children with autism during an interaction with a peer in relation to the nature of the social situation (HEBREW) MA Fink-Rosenberg, Yaelle Prof. Nirit Bauminger-Zviely
2018 The contribution of authentic leadership and school ethical climate in motivating teachers toward citizenship behavior and the reduction of social loafing (HEBREW) PhD Gamliel, Reut Chen Prof. Shapira Orly
2018 Exploring school principals’ sense-making of their leadership role within the natinal reform "courage to change" PhD Ganon-Shilon, Sherry Prof. Chen Schechter
2018 The influence of exposure to multimedia in an electronic book on the literacy of students with and without symptoms for ADHD (HEBREW) PhD Grumberg-Vardi, Ravit Prof. Adina Shamir
2018 The fostering literacy through e-book based activities in children with learning disabilities vs. children on the autism spectrum (HEBREW) MA Gutwirth, Meirav Prof. Adina Shamir
2018 Student’s willingness to seek help from school Rabbis in coping with school violence (HEBREW) MA Hershkowitz, Shulamit Prof. Yaacov Yablon
2018 Preschool peer social intervention for the development of social play among children with HFASD (HEBREW) PhD Hoshmand, S. Prof. Nirit Bauminger-Zviely
2018 Leisure patterns among Arab adolescents in Israel (HEBREW) MA Iraqi, Sawsan Prof. Zehavit Gross
2018 Conception of the nature of science and the nature of inquiry process among students who had experienced guided inquiry learning in comparison to students who had experienced the open inquiry learning in high school upon graduation and over time (HEBREW) MA Isaschar, Hagit Prof. Michal Zion
2018 Characterization types of transitions between stages of 'bioinquiry' open inquiry process and the causes of logical connection patterns in that transition (HEBREW) MA Karadi, Galit Prof. Michal Zion
2018 Community involvement and participation in physical activity as predictors of mental well-being, scholastic achievement and healthy behavior patterns among youth in Israel (HEBREW) MA Keret, Matan Prof. Yossi Harel-Fisch
2018 Semantic effects on implicit and explicit morphological knowledge in two socioeconomic backgrounds (HEBREW) MA Kiassi-Lebel, Mali Prof. Rachel Schiff
2018 The contribution of the endogenous and exogenous factors to the three components of working memory among adolescents and adults with intellectual disability: the impaired, stable and the compensatory trajectories (HEBREW) PhD Kilberg, Esther Prof. Lifshitz Hefziba
2018 Cognitive skill acquisition among students with attention deficit hyper-activity disorder (HEBREW) MA Kirstain Saar, Adi Prof. Rachel Schiff
2018 Dictionary support and story content expansion and their effect on words’ learning, story comprehension and story retelling following e-book reading (HEBREW) MA Kristal, Noi Prof. Ofra Korat
2018 Why is it hard being a friend while playing? : relations of cognitive functioning in a controlled environment to friendship in children with ADHD in comparison to typically developed children (HEBREW) PhD Lipshatz Eshwege, Sharon Prof. Rachel Schiff, Dr. Ronny Geva
2018 The effect of faithless intervention content on self-determination, self-efficacy and empowerment of religious-spiritual resources among adolescent with down syndrome in the Haredic sector (HEBREW) MA Makovetsky, Lea Prof. Lifshitz Hefziba, Dr. Dalia Tal