Theses & Dissertations


Year Title Type Student Name Advisor
2018 Social interaction characteristics of preschool children with high-function autism spectrum disorder : peer-group intervention outcomes (HEBREW) Ph.D Eytan, Dganit Bauminger Nirit
2017 Characteristics of object play, social play and social-pretend play in preschoolers with high-functioning ASD, in relation to ASD severity, social disability, chronological age and IQ (HEBREW) MA Bernstein, Moran Bauminger Nirit
2017 The efficacy of a technology-based social intervention to facilitate conversation skills between peers with high functioning ASD (HEBREW) MA Bitton, Revital Bauminger Nirit
2017 The contribution of joint attention abilities to the development of conversation skills of minimally verbal children with autism (MVCwA) (HEBREW) MA Fraidlin, Avner Bauminger Nirit
2017 The contribution of performance and verbal IQ in the ability to conduct conversation and cooperation within the age group of autistic children with minimal verbal skills (HEBREW) MA Koren, Dror Bauminger Nirit
2017 A meta-analytic examination of the effectiveness of cognitive and cognitive-behavioral interventions in the promotion of integral social competence in children with high-functioning autism (HEBREW) MA Messika, Karin Bauminger Nirit
2017 Facilitation of peer conversational skills among preschoolers with high functioning autism spectrum disorder (HEBREW) Ph.D Rajwan (Ben-Shlomo) Ofira Bauminger Nirit
2017 Peer collaboration intervention for minimally verbal children with autism spectrum disorder in relation to their sensory profile (HEBREW) MA Samuel-Magal, Karen Bauminger Nirit
2016 Emotional expressiveness in minimally verbal children with autism spectrum disorder during collaborative interactive-activity (HEBREW) MA Bar Yehuda, Shahar Bauminger Nirit
2016 Social conversation intervention for minimally verbal children with autism: the role of executive function (HEBREW) MA Estrugo, Yael Bauminger Nirit
2016 Lexical-semantic richness, utterance length, and linguistic abnormalities among children with high-functioning autism and children with typical development during free interaction with a friend versus acquaintance (HEBREW) MA Guetta, Saray
2016 The role of executive functions and adaptive behavior in social interaction of minimally verbal children with ASD (HEBREW) MA Hisherik, Lior Bauminger Nirit
2016 Comprehension and story retelling abilities among children with ASD compared to children with typical development (HEBREW) MA Kadosh, Liat
2016 Collaboration between educational and therapeutic teams in kindergartens for children with ASD-A: case study (HEBREW) MA Lebel, Gali
2015 Speech acts during spontaneous peer conversation in young high functioning children with autism spectrum disorders and typical development: friend versus non-friend comparison (HEBREW) MA Golan-Itshaky, Adi Bauminger Nirit
2015 Metacognition, metacognitive judgments and executive functions (associated with memory) : a comparison between high function ASD and typical developing children (HEBREW) MA Parness-Milchan, Lihi
2015 Mother-child interactions during oral storytelling (HEBREW) MA Steier-Levy, Sharon
Cohen Erik H. of Blessed Memory
2013 Social information processing and theory of the mind in children with HFASD, learning disabilities and typical development (HEBREW) MA Brill, Alit Bauminger Nirit
2013 Attachment security in high-functioning children with autism and children with typical development in relation to adaptive abilities (HEBREW) MA Harel-Banin, Smadar Bauminger Nirit
2013 Pragmatic characteristics of young children with high functioning autism spectrum disorder (HFASD) during spontaneous conversations with peers (HEBREW) MA Karin, Einat Bauminger Nirit
2013 Psychiatric disorders in girls with high functioning autism compared to their typically developing peers (HEBREW) MA Lishansky-Shalev, Roni Bauminger Nirit
2013 Jealousy and social engagement in young children with autism (HEBREW) MA Stuemler-Cohen, Tamara Bauminger Nirit
2012 Social information processing and executive functions among children with typical development, children with learning disabilities and children with high functioning autism disorders (HEBREW) MA Goldman-Alon, Mor Bauminger Nirit
2012 Jealousy, theory of mind and social ability in high functioning children with autism versus low functioning children with autism (HEBREW) MA Orr-Meivar, Inbal Bauminger Nirit
2012 Modifiability in emotional understanding among children with learning disabilities (HEBREW) Ph.D Schorr-Edelsztein, Hani