Theses & Dissertations


Year Student Advisor
2021 Relations between personal and social background factors, scientific thinking (HEBREW) and scientific curiosity among preschool children MA Alzaro, Aishe Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy
2021 Educational farm program and its effect on preschoolers' perception of agriculture, factual knowledge and emotional aspects in their drawings (HEBREW) MA Castoriano, Moshe Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy
2020 Experiences and perceptions of teachers and students who have experienced the multi-faceted holistic approach model in science and technology heterogenic classes (HEBREW) MA Davidi Saban, Nofar Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy
2020 Impact of an educational program on the knowledge and behavior of preschoolers in the area of intelligent consumption and waste reduction (HEBREW) MA Tamary, Amalya Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy
2019 Manifestations of metacognition and self-regulation among preschoolers during scientific experiences and the role of the learning environment PhD Fridman, Ronit Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy, Prof. Sigal Eden
2019 Metacognitive manifestations during engineering tasks among preschool children from different cultural background and its relation to mathematical problem solving (HEBREW) MA Gurevitz, Rivka Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy
2019 Impact of digital documentation on preschooler's scientific experimentation, recall, understanding and curiosity (HEBREW) MA Israeli, Naama Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy
2019 What did you discover today in preschool? the physical learning environment design that promotes inquiry and discovery - perceptions and attitudes of teachers, parents and preschoolers PhD Perry Biran, Netta Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy, Prof. Esther Adi-Japha
2019 Development of engineering thinking, metacognition and self-regulation in learning environments that promote engineering activities in preschool PhD Shechter-Maimon, Taly Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy
2019 Development of robotic-based learning and problem-based learning environment for improving geometrical thinking and engineering habits of mind among elementary school students (HEBREW) MA Zemshman, Arthur Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy
2018 Science and technology in alternating learning environments: traditional and 1:1 computing instruction, students diversity, motivation, and self-efficacy in the Arab sector (HEBREW) MA Bader, Anwar Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy
2017 Learning with a personal laptop from the view point of students and graduates : attitudes and perceptions in a longitudinal study and implementation of information literacy (HEBREW) PhD Berger-Tikochinski, Tal Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy, Associate Prof. Michal Zion
2015 Scaffolding pre-school children with and without learning disabilities and its’ impact on understanding scientific phenomena and developing inquiry skills (HEBREW) MA Ezer, Rinat Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy
2015 Little scientists : emotional and cognitive aspects among teachers and children towards engaging in science in pre-school education PhD Kesner Baruch, Yael Prof. Zmira Mevarech, Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy
2015 What can we learn from teachers, students, and analysis of best practice lessons on the factors that determine the quality of a lesson in 1:1 personal laptops elementary classroom? (HEBREW) MA Offen, Anat Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy
2015 What is a good lesson in 1:1 classroom?: identifying criteria of best practice teaching through the viewpoint of teachers, students and analysis of 1:1 lessons in middle school (HEBREW) MA Trachtman, Galit Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy
2013 Teachers’ perceptions of their role and professional identity in light of teaching as a routine in 1:1 laptop classes (HEBREW) PhD Doron, Esty Prof. Deborah Court, Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy
2013 Professional development of pre-school teachers following the course: designing learning environments aimed to promote mathematical, scientific and technological literacy (HEBREW) MA Peretz, Tali Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy
2012 The impact of learning with laptops in 1:1 classes on the development of learning skills and information literacy among middle school students (HEBREW) MA Gilat, Yael Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy, Associate Prof. Michal Zion
2011 Explicit instruction of the skill "reading complex visual representations" (HEBREW) MA Sarusi, Ravit Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy, Associate Prof. Michal Zion
2010 he influence of informal learning activity: a competitive inquiry about Marie Curie and other female scientists on students and female students’ attitiudes about science, scientific career and women in science (HEBREW) MA Katz, Luba Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy, Associate Prof. Michal Zion
2009 Science and technology mini-museum at high school: an authentic learning environment for the development of scientific knowledge, self-efficacy and positive attitudes towards science among students (HEBREW) MA Aloni, Oshra Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy, Associate Prof. Michal Zion
2008 Teaching with laptops and virtual campus as a routine: characteristics of teaching practices in regards to teaching strategies, lessons’ planning, teacher-student interaction, and school vision (HEBREW) MA Gazit, Mina Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy, Associate Prof. Michal Zion
2008 Learning with laptops and virtual campus as a routine: development of learning capabilities, information literacy and affective aspects among 6th and 7th grade school students (HEBREW) MA Menashe, Keren Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy, Associate Prof. Michal Zion