Theses & Dissertations


Year Student Advisor
2013 Load regulation in working memory (HEBREW) PhD Bodinuk-Butz, Anat Prof. Shlomo Kaniel
2012 A model for the process of complex judgment of complex real-life events (HEBREW) PhD Rauchberger, Nirit Prof. Shlomo Kaniel
2011 Religious belief and meaning as related to psychological adjustement following stressful life events: the case of the forced evacuation from Gush Katif (HEBREW) PhD Harshoshanim-Breitbart, Tal Prof. Shlomo Kaniel, Dr. Elli Schachter
2010 Humor creation in teaching: re-evaluation of the multidimentional theory for humor creation (HEBREW) PhD Inglis, Varda Prof. Shlomo Kaniel
2009 The differences between ego identity statuses relative to meaning in life and subjective well being (HEBREW) MA Ohana, David Prof. Shlomo Kaniel
2009 Construction and validation of a model for variables related to the adjustment among parents of a child with autism (HEBREW) PhD Siman Tov, Ayelet Prof. Shlomo Kaniel
2008 Optimism and pessimism as an attitude: consistency and stability (HEBREW) PhD Harpaz-Itay, Yifat Prof. Shlomo Kaniel
2008 From conflict to resolution: achieving cohesion in Jewish identity among women from sub-culture groups in Israeli society (HEBREW) PhD Steinberger, Pnina Prof. Shlomo Kaniel
2007 The relationship between and within the visual imagery dimensions: vividness, controllability and preference (HEBREW) PhD Hod-Shemer, Orit Prof. Shlomo Kaniel
2007 A Comparison between two normative decisions-making models (HEBREW) PhD Licht, Perach Prof. Shlomo Kaniel
2007 Abstract visual imagery as an aid in the study of physics (HEBREW) PhD Rosenfeld, Naftali Prof. Shlomo Kaniel
2006 Metacognitive decision-making process: teachers on inclusion of students with special needs (HEBREW) MA Keller, Ilana Prof. Shlomo Kaniel
2006 Documentation of learning processes supporting positive transfer (HEBREW) MA Shvimer, Liat Prof. Shlomo Kaniel
2005 The stability of decision making meta-cognitive model (HEBREW) MA Eliram-Pincovich, Ophira Prof. Shlomo Kaniel
2005 Toleration and cognitive complexity: characteristics and mutual relationship (HEBREW) PhD Shai, Orly Prof. Shlomo Kaniel
2004 The relationship between cognitive complexity & abstract verbal thinking (HEBREW) MA Unger, Dafna Prof. Shlomo Kaniel
2003 Testing the construct validity of cognitive complexity (HEBREW) MA Sinkevich, Tali Prof. Shlomo Kaniel
2002 Identifying searching strategies on databases by information specialists (HEBREW) MA Chait, Orna Prof. Shlomo Kaniel, Prof. David Passig
2001 Validation of attentional components in developmental stages of able children and of children with developmental deficiencies (HEBREW) PhD Arzy, Shulamith Prof. Shlomo Kaniel
2000 Analogies - composition versus resolution and their influence on transfer (HEBREW) MA Ben-Amram, Einat Prof. Shlomo Kaniel
2000 Validity of metacognitive reading model: domains, intellectual abilities and achievements (HEBREW) PhD Gross, Ariel Prof. Shlomo Kaniel
2000 The relation between different levels of cognitive load and the allocation of resources in reading (HEBREW) MA Hod-Shemer, Orit Prof. Shlomo Kaniel
2000 Judgment under uncertainty and the need for cognitive closure (HEBREW) MA Machol, Nava Prof. Shlomo Kaniel
2000 Are cognitive skills context-bound? Evidence from analogical problem-solving training and transfer (HEBREW) PhD Weiss, Isaac Prof. Shlomo Kaniel
1999 Learning efficiency, confidence judgements and feeling-of-knowing as correlated to locus of control and self esteem (HEBREW) MA Maayan, Zipi Prof. Shlomo Kaniel