Theses & Dissertations


Year Student Advisor
2021 Knowledge coordinating of the school staff and its implications for the functioning of the staff (HEBREW) MA Katzburg, Eti Prof. Joseph Klein
2019 Blurring of the time allotted to work and family among teachers in primary education in Israel : causes and implications (HEBREW) MA Mauda, Ma'ayan Prof. Joseph Klein
2018 Reciprocal relations between commitment to work and family among female high school teachers in Arab society in Israel (HEBREW) PhD Badir, Rodayna Prof. Joseph Klein
2018 Analysis of mediation components during distance learning of high school students trained in small group (dyad) mediation (HEBREW) MA Shamir, Orit Prof. Joseph Klein, Prof. Offir Baruch
2017 The relation between the headmaster’s administrative style and communication characteristics with his staff, and the trust of the teachers and their organizational citizenship behavior (HEBREW) MA Hamrani, Erel Prof. Joseph Klein
2017 The link to vertical organizational learning and horizontal learning among homeroom teachers and special-area teachers (HEBREW) MA Kaufman, Jenia Prof. Joseph Klein
2017 Integrative model to explain absences, internal mobility and quitting the system among teachers in Israel (HEBREW) PhD Maagan, David Prof. Joseph Klein, Prof. Zmira Mevarech
2017 Educational policies and management strategies of school principals in an age of competition and achievement (HEBREW) PhD Shimoni-Hershkoviz, Lizi Prof. Joseph Klein
2016 Differences of school performance according to years in which internal and external standard tests are performed (HEBREW) MA Boustanai-Halfon, Adva Prof. Joseph Klein
2016 Measuring education inequality in Israel - new indicators (HEBREW) PhD Dadon-Golan, Zehorit Dr. Iris BenDavid-Hadar, Prof. Joseph Klein
2016 Administrative considerations in teacher assignments to classes: case study of teacher assignment in teaching 3, 4, 5 math matriculation units in Israel (HEBREW) MA Landa, Hadas Prof. Joseph Klein
2016 The motivational mechanisms explaining citizenship behavior and misbehavior among administrative and pedagogic staff in Israel’s ministry of education (HEBREW) PhD Levy-Gazenfrantz, Tania Prof. Joseph Klein, Prof. Orly Shapira-Lischinsky
2016 The autonomy of middle managers in schools: case study: year group coordinators (HEBREW) MA Mizrahi, Dana Prof. Joseph Klein
2016 Prior knowledge, information load, cognitive load and performance in alternative choice task (HEBREW) MA Preger-Nevo, Ma’ayan Prof. Joseph Klein, Dr. Yitzhak Weiss
2015 The bullying of teachers by principals at school : the causes, examples and the consequences (HEBREW) MA Ben-Tolila, Avraham Prof. Joseph Klein
2015 The relationship between learning styles and multiple intelligences among gifted and non-gifted students MA Moshebuyev, Zina Prof. Joseph Klein, Dr. Yitzhak Weiss
2015 Peak experiences in principals’ career as designing and changing management patterns (HEBREW) MA Ninio-Amar, Racheli Prof. Joseph Klein
2014 What is the relationship between mindfulness, psychological availability and cognitive load (HEBREW) MA Atias, Malit Mazal-Tov Prof. Joseph Klein, Dr. Yitzhak Weiss
2014 Trilogy of leadership phenomena in a population with ID : traits, leadership styles and the reciprocal relationship between leaders and followers (HEBREW) PhD Nissim, Shoshana Prof. Joseph Klein, Prof. Hefziba Lifshitz
2013 Higher education funding model in Israel as a tool for achieving economic and social goals (HEBREW) PhD Zilkha, Gury Prof. Joseph Klein, Prof. fff fffff
2012 The educational positions of a school principle, his expertise and their effect on the implementation of the school’s policy (HEBREW) MA Cafri, Oshrit Prof. Joseph Klein
2012 The effect of a delay of an hour or overnight on the development of an educational administrative decision (HEBREW) MA Cohen, Frida Prof. Joseph Klein
2011 Duration of absence from home and attachment parrents of IDF career soldiers as predictors of perception of parental functioning and role distribution in the family (HEBREW) MA Candioty, Riki Prof. Joseph Klein, Dr. Yitzhak Weiss
2011 Perception of climate, anxiety, self-image and achievement of students making a transition from elementary school with innovative learning to junior high school with traditional learning (HEBREW) PhD Finkelstein, Hilit Prof. Joseph Klein, Dr. Hannah Shachar
2010 The effect of a change in evaluation methods on cooperation and competition of students in higher education (HEBREW) MA Foox, Inbal Prof. Joseph Klein