Theses & Dissertations


Year Student Advisor
2019 Effects of intervention for mutual peer mediation on peer interaction and learning motivation in computerized environment in the classroom (HEBREW) PhD Atzmon Mordoch, Lea Prof. Offir Baruch, Professor Emeritus David Tzuriel
2018 Analysis of mediation components during distance learning of high school students trained in small group (dyad) mediation (HEBREW) MA Shamir, Orit Prof. Joseph Klein, Prof. Offir Baruch
2015 Students perceptions of self-regulated learning with reference to transactional distance in a location based mobile learning (LBML) environment (HEBREW) PhD Elyakim, Nitzan Prof. Offir Baruch, Dr. Iris Reychav
2015 Science learning enriched with mediated and non-mediated distance learning and the relation to fostering scientific creativity (HEBREW) MA Lahav, Noa Dr. Dafna Etzion, Prof. Offir Baruch
2014 Analysis of mediation components among high school students learning via asynchronous distance learning, whose teachers were trained in mediation, compared to students whose teachers were not trained in mediation (HEBREW) PhD Ben-Chayim, Aryeh Prof. Offir Baruch
2013 Assessing the judgement of secondary school science teachers regarding the scientific creativity level of their students (HEBREW) MA Lavi, Rea Prof. Offir Baruch
2012 Connection between teaching goals and teaching style to the teachers’ feeling of "transactional distance" in distance learning environment VS conventional environment (HEBREW) PhD Wengrowicz, Niva Prof. Offir Baruch
2011 Resistence to technology change in school among teachers in centralized and decentralized management system (HEBREW) MA Lavi, Shay Prof. Offir Baruch
2010 The relationship between learning styles and the development of self-efficacy and achievements in remote-learning systems (HEBREW) MA Rozenbloom, Ziva Prof. Offir Baruch
2007 Distance learning vs. conventional learning and effect on students’ self image and achievements (HEBREW) MA Davidov, Regina Prof. Offir Baruch
2007 Evaluation of the effectiveness of "distance learning" in the acquisition of the "essence of learning": distance learning versus an integrated program (HEBREW) MA Raz, Tal Dr. Meira Eiserhammer, Prof. Offir Baruch
2007 Transformational leadership versus transactional leadership and their influence on learning achievement, motivation and attitudes towards e-learning (HEBREW) MA Vardi, Efrat Dr. Michal Aflalo, Prof. Offir Baruch
2007 The Impact of different types of feedback (content-related feedback, ability- oriented feedback, effort-oriented feedback) and personality factors on achievement, satisfaction and perseverance of students in a distance learning environment (HEBREW) PhD Zeichner, Orit Prof. Offir Baruch
2006 The correlation between achievements in distance learning (in video conference method), attitude toward learning method and feeling of failure/achievement (HEBREW) MA Bentov, Anat Prof. Offir Baruch
2006 The relationship between field dependence/independence and the level of improvement in visual perception by means of 3-D graphic programs in 9-11 year olds (HEBREW) MA Hakak Landau, Oshrat Prof. Offir Baruch
2006 Motivation and achievements among students learning mathematics via an integrated method as opposed to students learning via the traditional method (HEBREW) MA Yaari, Zohar Prof. Offir Baruch
2005 The influence of conventional and distance learning environments PhD Barth, Ingrid Prof. Offir Baruch
2005 Efficacy expectation vs. outcome expectation of students learning online compared to students learning on-campus (HEBREW) MA Hiba, Limor Prof. Offir Baruch
2004 The influence of students’ experience in community television production on self-image and personality variables (HEBREW) PhD Aflalo, Michal Prof. Offir Baruch
2004 The influence of remote learning environment on student attribution of success and failure factors (HEBREW) MA Alfi, Anat Prof. Offir Baruch
2004 The correlation between level of creativity to self efficacy & students’ attitudes towards learning via distance learning system (HEBREW) MA Ashkenazi, Sharon Prof. Offir Baruch
2003 The relation between professional self concept and burnout of tutors and their attitudes toward CMC (HEBREW) MA Erlich-Philip, Iris Prof. Offir Baruch
2003 The connection between age and interaction processes during learning via internet (HEBREW) MA Eshet, Anat Prof. Offir Baruch
2002 The effect of learning English in an Internet environment on the correlation between cognitive style and learning approaches and on school achievement and satisfaction (HEBREW) PhD Aharony, Noa Prof. Offir Baruch
2002 The influence of learning to read music on the ability to learn how to decode Hebrew (HEBREW) PhD Carmon, Yehudith Prof. Offir Baruch, Prof. Uri Sharvit, Prof. Arie Wohl