Theses & Dissertations


Year Student Advisor
2017 The relationship of attachment style, empathy, self-control and self-esteem of the parents with their quality of marriage and relationship with their children (HEBREW) PhD Hacohen, Iris Prof. Zehavit Gross, Dr. Mati Ronen
2016 The usage of online support groups by teenagers, and it’s degree of connection to their relationship with their parents and friends, and to their feeling of social belonging and social support (HEBREW) MA Levi Levin Ayelet Prof. Shlomo Romi, Dr. Mati Ronen
2015 Leisure activities amongst religious girls (HEBREW) MA Ben-Hur, Shulamit Prof. Shlomo Romi, Dr. Mati Ronen
2014 Attitudes of religious adolescents towards religion and belief: changes following the journey to Poland (HEBREW) MA Wiesenfeld, Eyal Prof. Shlomo Romi, Dr. Mati Ronen
2013 Socialization agents and motivation factors related to the choice of continuation studies among Yeshiva High Schools’ (Yeshivot Tichoniot) students after graduation (HEBREW) MA Cohen, Amir Prof. Shlomo Romi, Dr. Mati Ronen
2012 The relationship between attachment styles, self-esteem, social skills and social adjustment among children of immigrants (foreign workers) in Israel (HEBREW) MA Kedoshim, Lital Prof. Shlomo Romi, Dr. Mati Ronen
2010 The relationship between background variables, the perception of the ideal student, assessment behaviors and satisfaction among Arabic junior high school teachers (HEBREW) MA Majadlih, Ziyad Dr. Mati Ronen
2009 The influence of "supported employment" in the community, on persons with mental disabilities in the medical-mental, psychological and social fields (HEBREW) MA Ashkenazy, Ravit Dr. Mati Ronen
2008 Differences between teacher-parents and non teacher-parents in their parental involvement in their children’s school (HEBREW) MA Ben-Chai, Raaya Dr. Mati Ronen
2008 Participating in programs fostering young leadership and sociopsychological factors related to it (HEBREW) MA David, Adi Dr. Mati Ronen
2008 The connection between quality of life at school and the students’ social skills in different age groups and in different educational frameworks (HEBREW) MA Roza-Zada, Iris Dr. Mati Ronen
2008 Self-image and adaptation of "Na’aleh" students and Israeli-born students, who study at the same school (high school yeshiva) (HEBREW) MA Tzadok, Yair Dr. Mati Ronen
2008 The connection between gender studies intervention program and the gender attitudes of high school students (HEBREW) MA Yehuday, Meirav Dr. Mati Ronen, Dr. Rina Shachar
2007 Factors related to the family’s ability to cope with a special needs child (HEBREW) MA Halevi-Keren, Liat Dr. Mati Ronen
2006 Differences between volunteers and non volunteers at golden age (HEBREW) MA Halfon, Liat Dr. Mati Ronen
2006 The relationship between pupils’ color, self esteem and performance in computerized assignments decorated by black and white pedagogical agents (HEBREW) MA Katz, Gili Dr. Mati Ronen
2005 Leisure time attitudes and behaviors of information technology employees in hi-Tech and non hi-Tech companies (HEBREW) MA Hacham, Sarit Dr. Mati Ronen
2004 Evaluating the senior volunteer program (GAV) in Israeli elementary schools, as reported by the professional staff and pupils that participated in the program (HEBREW) MA Knaan, Orly Dr. Mati Ronen
2004 The choice of combat versus non-combat military service and its relationship to personal motivation and Zionist ideology (HEBREW) MA Reich, Sara Dr. Mati Ronen
2004 Self image and burnout of teachers, unattached youth workers and youth counselors (HEBREW) MA Simchy, Liat Dr. Mati Ronen
2004 Attitudes of teachers from the regular and special education systems towards the mainstreaming of students with special needs into the regular classroom in the Arab sector (HEBREW) MA Taya, Afaf Dr. Mati Ronen
2003 Search for a model of successful school absorbtion of new immigrants in the Israeli educational system, based on an evaluation study of "MOFET" institutions (HEBREW) MA Stoin, Elisha Dr. Mati Ronen, Dr. Mark M. Wasserstein-Warnet
2002 The influence program "Oz Letmura" on the violence among 10th grade students (HEBREW) MA Barokas, Nitzan Dr. Mati Ronen, Dr. Mark M. Wasserstein-Warnet
2002 Teachers' Professional Self-Esteem and its Relationship to Management Style and Teacher's Background Variables (HEBREW) MA Cohen (Zafrani) Orit Dr. Mati Ronen
2002 The attitude of Jewish pupils in Israel towards the Arabic language and its relationship to origin, sociopolical attitudes and the parental attitudes (HEBREW) MA Salman, Limor Dr. Mati Ronen