Theses & Dissertations


Year Student Advisor
2021 Self-regulated learning strategy fosters environmental literacy among students of education (HEBREW) PhD Ortal-Ivry, Sigalit (Guly) Prof. Michal Zion, Prof. Nir Madjar
2020 Contribution of metacognitive support and collaborative learning to students' dynamic inquiry performances (HEBREW) MA Hameiri, Itamar Prof. Michal Zion
2020 Contribution of combined health related physical fitness knowledge (HPFK) training with physical education classes to the physical literacy of junior high school girls (HEBREW) MA Stahl, Moran Prof. Michal Zion
2018 Conception of the nature of science and the nature of inquiry process among students who had experienced guided inquiry learning in comparison to students who had experienced the open inquiry learning in high school upon graduation and over time (HEBREW) MA Isaschar, Hagit Prof. Michal Zion
2018 Characterization types of transitions between stages of 'bioinquiry' open inquiry process and the causes of logical connection patterns in that transition (HEBREW) MA Karadi, Galit Prof. Michal Zion
2018 The effect of metacognitive guidance and collaborative learning on a motivational dialog between teacher and student during environmental inquiry-based learning process through on-line asynchronous forums MA Schwartz, Liron Prof. Michal Zion
2017 Learning with a personal laptop from the view point of students and graduates : attitudes and perceptions in a longitudinal study and implementation of information literacy (HEBREW) PhD Berger-Tikochinski, Tal Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy, Prof. Michal Zion
2017 The effect of metacognitive guidance and media literacy guidance on the development of drinking oriented nutritional literacy (HEBREW) PhD Cohen Hagit Prof. Michal Zion
2017 Contribution of metacognitive instruction and collaborative learning to students’ inquiry learning products and inquiry performances within open inquiry based learning (HEBREW) MA Guetta, Amos-Aharon Prof. Michal Zion
2017 The contribution of the ’intergenerational sustainability leadership’ project to the development of environmental literacy of the community (HEBREW) MA Watted, Shefa Prof. Michal Zion
2016 Contribution of metacognitive awareness and collaborative learning to dynamic inquiry performance and student-teacher interaction as they reflected within on line forums which support inquiry-based environmental learning (HEBREW) MA Hazut-Kabessa, Odelya Prof. Michal Zion
2016 The interactions between visual perception, visual attention and graph’s processing (HEBREW) PhD Waxman, Pirchia Tamar Dr. Ronit Ram-Tzur, Prof. Michal Zion
2015 The impact of metacognitive instruction and system thinking instruction on the biological fundamental principle homeostasis perception (HEBREW) PhD Mor Bar-Yosef, Moriya Prof. Michal Zion
2015 Effects of aquatic motor intervention during early-childhood and adulthood on motor, cognitive and language abilities and changes in temporoparietal and cerebellar alpha power (HEBREW) PhD Nissim, Michal Prof. Zmira Mevarech, Dr. Ronit Ram-Tzur, Prof. Michal Zion
2014 The contribution of individual and social metacognitive support within an inquiry-based learning environment to environmental literacy, metacognitive awareness and inquiry perfomances PhD Adler, Idit Prof. Zmira Mevarech, Prof. Michal Zion
2014 The effect of teaching with a multisystem approach upon student perception of homeostasis and their system thinking ability (HEBREW) MA Israeli, Raaya Prof. Michal Zion
2013 Dynamic inquiry performances, meta-cognitive awareness and understanding the nature of science among teachers that experienced open inquiry process (HEBREW) MA Rimerman-Shmueli, Eti Prof. Michal Zion
2012 Implementing the new curriculum in chemistry : achieving goals in developing the skills of reading a scientific text and difficulties of the experimental teachers (HEBREW) MA Daboor, Miada Dr. Zvia Fund, Prof. Michal Zion
2012 The impact of learning with laptops in 1:1 classes on the development of learning skills and information literacy among middle school students (HEBREW) MA Gilat, Yael Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy, Prof. Michal Zion
2011 Explicit instruction of the skill "reading complex visual representations" (HEBREW) MA Sarusi, Ravit Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy, Prof. Michal Zion
2010 he influence of informal learning activity: a competitive inquiry about Marie Curie and other female scientists on students and female students’ attitiudes about science, scientific career and women in science (HEBREW) MA Katz, Luba Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy, Prof. Michal Zion
2009 Science and technology mini-museum at high school: an authentic learning environment for the development of scientific knowledge, self-efficacy and positive attitudes towards science among students (HEBREW) MA Aloni, Oshra Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy, Prof. Michal Zion
2009 Characterization of teachers’ understanding the essence of the inquiry process and the nature of science while experiencing an open inquiry task (HEBREW) MA Schanin, Ilana Prof. Michal Zion
2008 Teaching with laptops and virtual campus as a routine: characteristics of teaching practices in regards to teaching strategies, lessons’ planning, teacher-student interaction, and school vision (HEBREW) MA Gazit, Mina Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy, Prof. Michal Zion
2008 Characterization of the comprehension of the biological core concept "homeostasis" learned explicity with computerized tools (HEBREW) PhD Klein, Sara Prof. Shlomo Havlin, Prof. Michal Zion