Theses & Dissertations


Year Student Advisor
2021 Assessment of pragmatic abilities in adolescents with typical development MA Fussman, Shanie Prof. Nira Mashal
2020 Effect of aerobic walk on verbal creativity and verbal fluency of adults with intellectual disability with non-specific etiology, compared to adults with typical development (HEBREW) MA Shapira, Dorel Prof. Nira Mashal, Prof. Hefziba Lifshitz
2020 Influence of meta-cognitive intervention on children age 5-10 tendency to spontaneous recognition of mathematical structures (HEBREW) PhD Sharir, Tal Prof. Zmira Mevarech, Prof. Nira Mashal
2019 Analyzing the connection between various levels of inclusion and the recognition of faces and houses among children with autism, compared to typically developing children (HEBREW) MA Cohen, Odeya Dr. Or Catz, Prof. Nira Mashal
2019 Cognitive functions that contribute to verbal and artistic creativity among children (HEBREW) MA Haimov, Michal Prof. Nira Mashal
2019 Facial attractiveness and face perception among pre-adolescents with high-functioning ASD comparison to typically development (HEBREW) MA Kfir, Adva Dr. Or Catz, Prof. Nira Mashal
2018 The effect of trans-cranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on auditory verbal learning and reading comprehension of adults with learning disability (HEBREW) PhD Aran Ehrenreich, Yossi Prof. Nira Mashal
2018 Enhancing irony comprehension in high-functioning autistic adolescents with an intervention (HEBREW) MA Arie Shunem, Mor Prof. Nira Mashal
2018 The role of left IFG in phonological, syntactic and semantic processing of homographic words : a transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) study (HEBREW) PhD Raviv, Haim Prof. Nira Mashal, Prof. Orna Peleg
2017 Brain lateralization and cooperation between the hemispheres within lexical decision, among intellectually disabled within a specific etiology, and amongst those with down’s syndrome, in comparison to adults with regular development (HEBREW) MA Cohen, Bat-El Prof. Hefziba Lifshitz, Prof. Nira Mashal
2017 The effects of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on cognitive control in healthy participant (HEBREW) PhD Metzuyanim-Gorelick, Shlomit Prof. Nira Mashal
2017 The Influence of the ontological hierarchy on hybrid perception by children with typical development and by children with langauge impairment PhD Sanhedrai, Navah Prof. Nira Mashal, Prof. Yeshayahu Shen
2017 Comprehension and production of gestures within preschool children with specific language impairment (SLI) and children with ceberal palsy (CP), pre and post motor and semantic intervention plans (HEBREW) PhD Shamir, Inbal Prof. Esther Adi-Japha, Prof. Nira Mashal
2016 Hemispheric processing of metaphors in genetics among high school students (HEBREW) PhD Franko, Tsipi Prof. Nira Mashal
2016 Hemispheric processing of figurative language in adults with ASD and schizophrenia patients (HEBREW) PhD Saban-Bezalel, Ronit Prof. Nira Mashal
2016 Understanding verbal and visual metaphors in children with learning disabilities: relation to verbal and nonverbal ability (HEBREW) MA Sharkia-Shmalia, Asma Prof. Nira Mashal
2016 The effect of training to improve executive functions with multitasking performance among children with ADHD (HEBREW) MA Tsarfaty, Smadar Dadu Prof. Nira Mashal, Dr. Yitzhak Weiss
2015 The use of semantic and pragmatic knowledge in sentence comprehension: a transcranial direct current stimulation study (HEBREW) MA Osovlanski, Hagit Prof. Nira Mashal
2014 Hemisphere processing of ironies and idioms by adults with dyslexia (HEBREW) MA Adler-Coral, Naama Prof. Nira Mashal
2014 An fMRI investigation of the relation between understanding metaphoric expressions and language lateralization in schizophrenia (HEBREW) MA Ben-Aharon, Orna Prof. Nira Mashal
2014 The development of metaphorical language comprehension and production in autism spectrum disorder and learning disabilities (HEBREW) PhD Kasirer, Anat Prof. Nira Mashal
2014 The effect of race, distinctiveness and inversion on face recognition in children with ASD and typical development (HEBREW) MA Manole, Anat Dr. Or Catz, Prof. Nira Mashal
2014 Linguistic factors in the topic transitions of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders MA Matz, Tamar Prof. Nira Mashal
2014 Electromyography (EMG) technique for assessment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (HEBREW) PhD Rabichev, Shimon Prof. Nira Mashal, Prof. Albert Pinhasov
2014 The effect of depth of processing on acquiring verbal and visual metaphors among adolescents and adults with intellectual disabilities with and without down syndrome (HEBREW) PhD Shnitzer, Shlomit Prof. Hefziba Lifshitz, Prof. Nira Mashal