Theses & Dissertations


Year Student Advisor
2021 Interrelationship between identity domains and between identity domain contents and identity-formation processes : the development of the professional and religious identities of religious school counselors in Israel (HEBREW) PhD Hellinger, Rivka Dr. Elli Schachter
2020 Interaction between adult psychosocial stage of development among parents in a mixed religious-secular marriage (Hebrew) MA Uliel, Hen Dr. Elli Schachter
2019 Adult adoptees reflections on their identity formation and sense of coherence development process (HEBREW) MA Katz Gur, Daniel Dr. Elli Schachter, Dr. Ayelet Bental
2017 The role of attachment exploration : connections among secure attachment and Marcia’s identity dimensions of exploration and commitment (HEBREW) MA Haliva-Glav, Rivki Dr. Elli Schachter
2017 The relationship between teachers’ attachment style and self-efficacy to their perceived role as promoting identity and reflectivity among students (HEBREW) MA Salamon Galit Dr. Maya Cohen-Malayev, Dr. Elli Schachter
2017 Parental identity exploration processes following the experience of their children who ’made T’shuva’ (HEBREW) MA Weiss, Hagai Dr. Maya Cohen-Malayev, Dr. Elli Schachter
2016 The roles that teachers play in adolescents’ processes of identity formation as they are reflected in graduate students’ life stories (HEBREW) MA Cohen, Noga Dr. Elli Schachter
2016 Self-perception of teachers as identity agents for their pupils, during crisis, following the disengagement events (2005) (HEBREW) MA Gutman, Shira Dr. Elli Schachter
2016 Identity exploration processes among adoptees (HEBREW) MA Ozer-Berger, Tal Dr. Maya Cohen-Malayev, Dr. Elli Schachter
2016 Coping style in achieving conflictual identity: choosing a coping style in religion and sexuality conflict among national religious adolescents (HEBREW) MA Sivan, Ofer Prof. Zehavit Gross, Dr. Elli Schachter
2015 The influence of educational figures on the identity formation of boarding school graduates who emigrated from Ethiopia (HEBREW) MA Wondimagen, Ruty Dr. Elli Schachter
2014 A comparison of the perceived characteristics of ’significant’ vs. ’professional’ educational figures in the formal and informal educational systems (HEBREW) MA Cohen-Gavrieli, Ayelet Dr. Elli Schachter
2014 The beliefs and the practices of teachers of Jewish throught in Israeli state high schools, in relation to students’ identity formation in the postmodern era: case study (HEBREW) MA Finberg, Tammy Dr. Elli Schachter
2014 Coping with bereavement amongst families of terror victims : personal and familial aspects associated with the coping process experienced by people who have lost an immediate family member during a terrorist attack (HEBREW) MA Hamami, Leah Dr. Ayelet Bental, Dr. Elli Schachter
2014 Teachers’ perceptions of their role in shaping the identity of students with learning disabilities (HEBREW) MA Kerr, Yulia Dr. Elli Schachter
2014 Students’ perceptions of lecturers’ role in forming their identity, in light of possible conflict in studying biblical research : a case study in the biblical studies department in Bar Ilan university (HEBREW) MA Mori, Limor Dr. Elli Schachter
2014 "He’s not just my brother" - Siblings as identity agents (HEBREW) MA Porat, Rotem Dr. Elli Schachter
2013 Identity issues in the pedagogical thinking and practice of cinema teachers (HEBREW) PhD Fichman, Elad Prof. Yisrael Rich, Dr. Elli Schachter
2011 Religious belief and meaning as related to psychological adjustement following stressful life events: the case of the forced evacuation from Gush Katif (HEBREW) PhD Harshoshanim-Breitbart, Tal Prof. Shlomo Kaniel, Dr. Elli Schachter
2011 The relationship between the teaching of subject matter which enables a teacher to deal with questions of values and identity in class and the educational climate in the classroom, the teacher’s commitment to his students, and teacher burnout (HEBREW) MA Stricker, Shlomo Dr. Elli Schachter
2010 The link between a person’s identity and his or her preferred values in different identity domains (HEBREW) MA Maymon, Ayelet Dr. Elli Schachter
2010 Experienced by masorti students studying in the educational school climate the religios school (HEBREW) MA Vaknin, Inbal Dr. Elli Schachter
2009 The "religiously-lite": a model for religious identity in the postmodern era? (HEBREW) MA Hadad, Talia Dr. Elli Schachter
2008 The personal meaning of religion: a conceptual analysis and the suggested markets for identifying personal meaning within life stories (HEBREW) MA Ben-Hur, Avital Dr. Elli Schachter