Theses & Dissertations


Year Student Advisor
2021 Relationship between the big-five, tolerance of ambiguity, fundamental interpersonal relations orientation (FIRO), machiavellianism and counseling self-efficacy among school counselors (HEBREW) PhD Applboyim, Limor Prof. Arie Cohen, Prof. Nir Madjar
2021 Contribution of social environment and functions of volunteering on the motivation among students volunteering in a mental health center (HEBREW) MA Schwartz Vander, Chen Prof. Nir Madjar
2021 Relationships between teachers' and peers' perceived academic achievement goals and adolescents' academic achievement goals PhD Hemi, Alla Prof. Nir Madjar, Prof. Yisrael Rich
2021 Self-regulated learning strategy fosters environmental literacy among students of education (HEBREW) PhD Ortal-Ivry, Sigalit (Guly) Associate Prof. Michal Zion, Prof. Nir Madjar
2020 Examination of social achievement goals during elementary school as predictors of risk behavior in high school (HEBREW) MA Kellersztein, Idan Prof. Nir Madjar
2020 Online intervention program to change implicit theories about intelligence, achievement goals and self-efficacy (HEBREW) MA Zabary, Meirav Prof. Nir Madjar
2019 Do depressive symptoms mediate the connection between social support, suicidial thpoughts and non - suicidal self-injury? (HEBREW) MA Daka, Doaa Prof. Nir Madjar
2019 Role of teacher's psychological support and parental relation in non-suicidal self-injury behaviors among youth (HEBREW) MA Goldenberg, Shir Ester Prof. Nir Madjar
2019 Prediction of the dimensions of maternal identity development during pregnancy on women's sense of growth following childbirth during the transition to motherhood (HEBREW) MA Hikry Botton, Neta Prof. Nir Madjar, Dr. Maya Cohen-Malayev
2019 Transition from the elementary school to the middle school in the era of social networks : correlation between social support and loneliness (HEBREW) MA Lev, Shir Prof. Nir Madjar
2019 Role of peer group in the relationship between peer motivational climate, classroom goal structure and social and academic achievement goals orientation, mediated by social self-efficacy (HEBREW) MA Mezan-Rosenthal, Efrat Prof. Nir Madjar
2018 The role of twin’s situation in adult romantic relationships (HEBREW) MA Malek, Chani Dr. Maya Cohen-Malayev, Prof. Nir Madjar
2017 The role of emotional regulation in the relationship between depressive symptoms to non-suicidal self-injury (HEBREW) MA Ben-Shabat, Shiran Prof. Nir Madjar
2017 Does rejection sensitivity moderate the relationship between school belonging and non-suicidal self-injury? (HEBREW) MA Fellner Noa Prof. Nir Madjar
2017 The role of extraversion rejection-sensitivity in non-suicidal self-injury (HEBREW) MA Gold Elia Reut Prof. Nir Madjar
2017 Is emotional regulation moderating the relation between parental relation and non-suicidal self-injury? (HEBREW) MA Segal, Nicole Prof. Nir Madjar
2017 The relationship between student’s ahievement goals and motivational climate in class and among close friends (HEBREW) MA Shimon Lihi Prof. Nir Madjar
2016 The moderating role of classroom goal structure in the relationship between students’ academic and social achievement goals (HEBREW) MA Amit, Shira Prof. Nir Madjar
2016 The mediating role of self-efficacy for middle school, between goal strucrures and adaptive transition (HEBREW) MA Chohat, Ronny Prof. Nir Madjar
2016 The role of teachers’ psychological control in students’ motivational developments across transition to middle school (HEBREW) MA Har-Even, Michal Prof. Nir Madjar
2016 Motivation in school environment: study or friends? : educational achievement goals and social achievement goals among sixth graders (HEBREW) MA Lait, Hadas Prof. Nir Madjar
2016 Psychodrama therapy in the eyes of the adolescents (HEBREW) MA Levy, Ronit Prof. Erik H. Cohen, Prof. Nir Madjar
2015 The effect of the transition from elementary to middle school of behavioral, emotional, xognitive and social engagement in learning (HEBREW) MA Cohen, Veronique Prof. Nir Madjar