Theses & Dissertations


Year Student Advisor
2018 Construction of identities in the birthday party ceremony : perceptions and practices of kindergarten teachers in the Israeli kindergarten (HEBREW) PhD Meir, Hadara Prof. Elie Holzer
2018 Teachers’ professional identity in educational innovation (HEBREW) PhD Rachamim, Sharon Prof. Elie Holzer
2015 Parents guiding groups: perspectives from participants (HEBREW) MA Bivas, Zehavit Prof. Elie Holzer
2013 Women study : characterizing conversation and learning in women’s Chevrutut (HEBREW) PhD Teomim-Ben Menachem, Esty Prof. Elie Holzer
Prof. Zohar Livnat
2011 Becoming a ’Talmidat Chacham’ - Talmudic knowledge, religiosity and gender meet in the world of women scholars (HEBREW) PhD Feuchtwanger, Ruti Prof. Elie Holzer
Prof. Tamar Ross
2011 Educational thinking and practice in the teaching of adolescent women in religious high school prayer (HEBREW) MA Sades, Oshrat Prof. Elie Holzer
2010 Teachers’ and parents’ attitudes regarding the enhancement of Judaic studies in elementary schools (HEBREW) MA Aharony, Pazit Prof. Elie Holzer
2010 The role of music education in state schools on people’s musical identity (HEBREW) MA Frankel, Michal Prof. Elie Holzer
2007 Teacher’s hermeneutic knowledge: structure, characteristics and implications for the teaching of texts (HEBREW) PhD Halabi, Rinat Prof. Elie Holzer
Prof. Oded Schremer
2006 From teacher to student - teacher development in democratic schools in Israel (HEBREW) MA Aviram-Opprower, Shahaf Prof. Elie Holzer
2005 Study of the Jewish and Israeli identity of youth coming to Israel with the "Na’aleh" project (HEBREW) MA Bar-Sheshet, Orly Prof. Elie Holzer