Theses & Dissertations

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Year Student Advisor
2017 The relationship between epistemological beliefs, achievement goals and test anxiety in eleventh grade students (HEBREW) MA Cohen, Noa Prof. Yisrael Rich, Dr. Avigail Yinon
2017 The connection between the characteristics of the Palestinian cultural ethnic identity, civil identity and well-being and pro social behavior among adolescents in Arab society in Israel (HEBREW) MA Eissa Anan Dr. Avigail Yinon
2013 The connection between the civic orientation of eleventh grade students from Ethiopian origin and their acculturation and adaptation process at school (HEBREW) MA Yishay, Bat-Zion Dr. Avigail Yinon
2012 The relationship between teachers’ epistemological beliefs about knowledge, instruction, intelligence, human nature, and their instructional practices when facing students’ difficulty and failure in Mabar classes (HEBREW) PhD Ovadya, Talila Dr. Hannah Shachar, Dr. Avigail Yinon
2011 The relationship between school perceptions, gender, socio-economic status, and involvement in violence among palestinian and Arab-Israeli junior high and high school students (HEBREW) MA Awissat, Magdi Dr. Avigail Yinon
2010 Influence of cognitive intervention program ILA (I can prevent violence) and the influence of life skills program for violence prevention on the level of violence in the classroom...(HEBREW) MA Baram-Levy, Ilanah Dr. Avigail Yinon
2010 The connection between the students perception of the teacher’s characteristics, the method of education in the religious sector, and Jewish and Israeli identity and the integration of these principles within the "Shuvu" school system (HEBREW) MA Bolotin, Miriam Dr. Avigail Yinon
2010 The impact of program "Ethiopian Jewish heritage" aimed at strengthening the ethnic cultural identity on acculturation attitudes, academic and social adaptation among Ethiopian immigrants students in Israeli boarding schools (HEBREW) MA Mekonen, Belaynesh Dr. Avigail Yinon
2010 The perseverance and satisfaction of members in Garin Torani at a developmental town, in their volunteer work, as a function of their collective identity (HEBREW) MA Saad, Liel Dr. Avigail Yinon
2009 The collective identity of religious Zionist youth and it’s relation to the willingness to serve in the Israeli army and to obey the law (HEBREW) MA Levi, Keren Dr. Avigail Yinon
2009 Under the surface : the relationship between explicit and implicit aspects of acculturation and adaptation among immigrant teachers and students from the former Soviel Union in Israel PhD Zak, Irina Dr. Avigail Yinon, Prof. Arie Cohen
2008 Perception of self efficacy and attitude towards disability among tutors and tutees with special needs following participation in a program of virtual tutoring (HEBREW) MA Lazmi, Yasmin Prof. Adina Shamir, Dr. Avigail Yinon
2007 The relationship betweeen the acculturation strategies and causal attribution towards adjustment of Ethiopian born students to junior high school (HEBREW) MA Adane, Mara-Miriam Dr. Avigail Yinon
2003 The connection between alternative assessment, the pupil’s system of beliefs and skills towards learning, and ways of coping with a learning difficulty (HEBREW) MA Shim’i, Nurit Dr. Avigail Yinon
2001 The relations between attachment styles and trait anxiety to attitudes towards computers (HEBREW) MA Matzliach, Edna Dr. Avigail Yinon
2000 The relationship between locus of control field , dependence/independence to self esteem in "new immigrants" and "long term immigrants" from the Former Soviet Union (HEBREW) MA Strutti, Orna Dr. Avigail Yinon
1996 The relationship between the mother's coping style and the child temperament (HEBREW) MA Ronen Idit Dr. Avigail Yinon
1995 Decline in academic achievement between the 9th grade (junior high-school) and the 12th grade in high-school as a function of the epistemic ideology, attribution style and self esteem (HEBREW) MA Geffen-Wagner, Elisheva Dr. Avigail Yinon
1994 The relationship between epistemic ideology, attitude towards ability, attribution style, the teacher's expectations and his messages in appraisal situations in the classroom (HEBREW) MA Eliahu, Geula Dr. Avigail Yinon
1993 The influence of an educational intervention program on attitude and coping strategies of pupils from disadvantaged schools who are in transition to junior high (HEBREW) MA Gomel, Chana Dr. Avigail Yinon
1993 Coping with stress situations as a function of self-esteem, causal attributional style, and epistemic ideology (HEBREW) MA Oren, Rachel Dr. Avigail Yinon
1991 The relationship between adjustment to academic demands and stressful situations, epistemic needs and coping processes with stressful situations at high school (HEBREW) MA Tevet, Ziva Dr. Avigail Yinon
1990 Attitudes and Behaviour of Religious Kibbutz Youth as a Functionof the "Self-Concept" and "Epistemic Ideology" (HEBREW) MA Yemini, Leah Prof. Mordechai Bar-Lev, Dr. Avigail Yinon