Theses & Dissertations

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Year Student Advisor
2020 Semantic effects on oral implicit and explicit morphological processing : comparison between typical readers and readers with dyslexia (HEBREW) MA Marton, Reut Prof. Rachel Schiff
2019 Examination of statistical learning, implicit and explicit, via artificial grammar learning task in visual and auditory modalities comparison between poor and skilled spellers (HEBREW) MA Gilad Partiano, Rotem Dr. Shani Kahta, Prof. Rachel Schiff
2019 Implicit statistical learning and explicit statistical learning in an artificial grammar learning : a comparison between typically developing and dyslexic adults readers (HEBREW) MA Wosner, Yifa Prof. Rachel Schiff
2018 Semantic effects on implicit and explicit morphological knowledge in two socioeconomic backgrounds (HEBREW) MA Kiassi-Lebel, Mali Prof. Rachel Schiff
2018 Cognitive skill acquisition among students with attention deficit hyper-activity disorder (HEBREW) MA Kirstain Saar, Adi Prof. Rachel Schiff
2018 Why is it hard being a friend while playing? : relations of cognitive functioning in a controlled environment to friendship in children with ADHD in comparison to typically developed children (HEBREW) PhD Lipshatz Eshwege, Sharon Prof. Rachel Schiff, Dr. Ronny Geva
2018 Executive functions and their effect on phonology and morphology abilities : a comparison between specific language impairment and typically developed kindergartners (HEBREW) MA Ohayon, Yifat Prof. Rachel Schiff
2018 Spelling of function letters in Hebrew among Hebrew-speaking students (HEBREW) MA Rosenstock, Shlomit Prof. Rachel Schiff
2018 The development of reference ability : a comparison between children with SLI and children with normal language development (HEBREW) MA Shaham, Aliza Prof. Rachel Schiff
2018 Updating processes following contradictory information in a narrative text : the degree of reader’s access to previous information (HEBREW) MA Shapira, Sivan Prof. Rachel Schiff
2017 The development of lexical, morph. lexical and morphological processing : comparison between middle-high and low socioeconomic backgrounds (HEBREW) MA Amit, Adva Prof. Rachel Schiff
2017 Procedural learning and the ability to transfer verbal stimuli and nonverbal stimuli: comparison between readers with developmental dyslexia to normal readers (HEBREW) MA Davidovitch, Tali Prof. Rachel Schiff, Prof. Eli Vakil
2017 Acquisition of artificial grammar amongst who are challenged in mastering of English as a foreign language (HEBREW) MA Fried Noy Dr. Shani Kahta, Prof. Rachel Schiff
2017 Examining global and local perception in visual and auditory modality: comparison between readers with dyslexia and readers with ADHD (HEBREW) MA Haba, Limor Prof. Rachel Schiff
2017 Domain specific and domain general mechanisms underlying arithmetic knowledge and two profiles of dyscalculia (HEBREW) PhD Sar-Avi, Orna Prof. Avishai Henik, Prof. Rachel Schiff
2017 The impact of diglossia on the development of phonological and morphological awareness and on the ability to read vowelized and nonvowelized Arabic words : a comparison between medium-high SES and low SES (HEBREW) PhD Shahbari Kassem Abeer Prof. Rachel Schiff
2016 Examination of transfer processes in implicit statistical learning via an artificial grammar learning transfer task, while differentiating between verbal and non-verbal stimuli : comparison between adult readers with dyslexia and adults (HEBREW) MA Cohen, Hadar Prof. Rachel Schiff
2016 The association between exposure to childhood lonizing radiation to treat ringworm of the scalp and cognitive ability and language skill in adulthood (HEBREW) MA Hovav, Shosana Prof. Siegal Sadetzki, Prof. Rachel Schiff
2016 Lexical and developmental aspects of Alef and He as root letters in the Hebrew verbs system : a psycholinguistics study (HEBREW) PhD Levi-Shimon, Shani Prof. Dorit Ravid, Prof. Rachel Schiff
2016 Are readers with dyslexia impaired in reading comprehension beyond their reading deficit? inference generation, text processing, and working memory of readers with dyslexia (HEBREW) MA Raichelson, Shir Prof. Rachel Schiff, Dr. Menahem Yeari
2016 Verbal and nonverbal sequence learning, consolidation and transfer ability: comparison between readers with developmental dyslexia to normal readers (HEBREW) MA Rolsmach, Amir Prof. Rachel Schiff
2016 The influence of diglossia in Hebrew on reading ability, linguistic skill and inhibition in first grade "Talmud-Tora" frameworks (HEBREW) MA Weisbard, Keren Prof. Rachel Schiff
2015 Artificial grammar learning via visual and auditory modalities : a comparison between individuals with dyslexia and typically developed readers (HEBREW) MA Atlan, Karin Prof. Rachel Schiff
2015 Does developmental dyslexia originate in visuo-attention deficit? : evidence from visual recognition tasks of multi-symbol strings (HEBREW) MA Isser, Michal Prof. Rachel Schiff, Dr. Menahem Yeari
2015 Learning artificial grammar at different ages and different levels of complexity : comparison between typical and dyslectic readers PhD Katan, Pessia Prof. Rachel Schiff