Educational Counseling

Educational Counseling
Head of program: Dr. Kobi Yablon
Coordinator of practical work: Ms. Ronnie Golan

Educational Counseling is a one-course major and cannot be combined with other courses.
1. Objectives: The program is aimed at providing students with a basic knowledge of theory and research in Education, the behavioral sciences, and Educational Counseling, as well as an understanding of research methodology in Education and Educational Counseling. These objectives are the broad foundation and basic condition for training students to become educational counselors. Effective 2005, a Working License in Education Counseling will be granted only to people with an M.A.
2. Course structure: This is a four-discipline track.
a. Education and Pedagogy
b. Psychology
c. Educational Counseling
d. Research
3. Admission requirements:
a. Preference for candidates with a Teaching Certificate and those with educational experience
b. Preference for students whose second course (minor) qualifies for obtaining a Teaching Certificate
c. It is recommended that candidates who do not have educational experience acquire it while studying



Name Rank/Position
Ms. Adler Malka Teaching Associate A
Ms. Amity Bat Sheva Teacher E
Dr. Apel Zeev Teaching Associate B
Dr. Asif Tsemach Instructor
Ms. Bazak Shira Instructor
Dr. Cohen-Malayev Maya Teaching Associate B
Dr. Dor Osnat Teaching Associate B
Ms. Golan Roni/Practice teaching coordinator Teacher D
Prof. Rich Yisrael Associate Professor/Head of Stern Institute for the Study and Advancement of Religious Education
Dr. Schachter Elli Senior Lecturer
Dr. Weiss Yitzhak Teacher C
Prof. Yablon Yaacov B. Associate Professor/ Head Educational Counseling Program
Dr. Yinon Avigail Teacher B