Head of school greeting

Welcome to the site of the School of Education at Bar Ilan University

The Hurgin School of Education strives to promote excellence in research and teaching, provide high-level scientific and professional training, upholding Jewish and humanistic values and adherence to ethical codes. Undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students study in our school, together with students from other departments who acquire a teaching certificate here. The school has a Continuing Education and Enrichment program that promotes continued professional development of teachers in parallel with their work in education. Already during their undergraduate years, students can choose their field of specialization, and can continue their professional development in their chosen specialty in graduate school. Areas of specialization include child development, science education (specializations in brain and education, environmental education, mathematics education), special needs education (specializations in children on the autistic spectrum and mental deficiency), educational counseling, leadership and management of education systems, social education and management in informal education, science and Halakha, curricula, and technology and communication in education. Doctoral students are required to have a Masters degree (with thesis) and a high GPA. Doctoral studies are a crowning achievement in the training of researchers and educators who will lead the system as it faces future challenges. Within the framework of continuing education of teachers, student teachers study in a variety of tracks according to study programs updated on the basis of scientific developments and the requirements of the Ministry of Education. The School of Education has a modern academic library, an institute of pedagogical technology, and thirteen institutes and chairs engaged in research and public activity. All these reinforce research and development in the varied and unique areas of education, and contribute to the advancement of education at the level of the individual and of society. The faculty of the School of Education is engaged in many and varied areas of research and development, based on quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Among these are applied and basic research, international studies, development of learning programs and environments, as well as development of technology-intensive educational products. Because of their high professional level, members of our faculty participate in steering committees and evaluation committees of the Ministry of Education, as well as in committees affiliated with local authorities and other educational systems. We take an active part in professional committees and subject committees of the Ministry of Education, and are involved in special interest groups (SIG) of research organizations in Israel and worldwide. Faculty members serve as editors and as board members of national and international professional publications. The School of Education moved into its new and beautiful premises in the Simon Ben-Yosef building (Building 905) in the new Northern campus of the university, where lecturers' rooms, centers, and chairs are located, together with the administration. We are proud of our faculty and of our students, and we are committed to developing and improving the education in the country, as well as of a good and friendly atmosphere in our school, in the spirit of the verse in Psalm 119 "From all my teachers I have learned understanding..." Such an atmosphere encourages the ongoing dialogue between lecturers and students. These relationships accompany our graduates in all their professional activities. In this spirit of cross-fertilization, we welcome your comments to our website and study programs, and we will be happy to learn from you.


On behalf of the faculty and staff of the School of Education, I thank you for your interest and invite you to visit our home.


Prof. Shlomo Romi
Head of the School of Education