Theses & Dissertations


Year Title Type Student Name Advisor
2017 The relationship between epistemological beliefs, achievement goals and test anxiety in eleventh grade students (HEBREW) MA Cohen, Noa
2017 The relationship between social identification, ethnocentrism, threat, prejudice and discrimination among diverse group of Israeli adolescents (HEBREW) Ph.D Gross Esther Evelyn Rich Yisrael
2016 The level of parental conflict, the perception of importance of life roles and expectations for work-family conflict among young women with divorced parents (HEBREW) MA Avni, Sivan
2016 Identity exploration among religious "returners" and "leavers" during emerging adulthood (HEBREW) MA Goldring, Annette Rich Yisrael
2016 Work-family conflict, parental styles and the quality of family gathering as predictors of adolescent behavioral outcomes and well-being (HEBREW) Ph.D Sarel-Mahlev, Ella Rich Yisrael
2016 Contribution of attachment style and family climate to peer relations, aggression, and acculturation of second-generation immigrants from Ethiopia (HEBREW) MA Swed-Greenberg, Yafit
2015 The quality of the student-teacher relationship as a resilience factor in dealing with ongoing terrorism (HEBREW) MA Daniel, Hanoch Uriel
2015 Religious sanctity and civil sanctity : a comparative study of national commemoration days in the Israeli junior high school (HEBREW) MA Waisbord, Chani Rich Yisrael
2014 Children’s resilience to ongoing terror : the contribution of parental and child personal resources to the sence of coherence, externalized and internalized affective responses to post-traumatic symptoms (Hebrew) Ph.D Garbi, Lior
2014 Personal and cultural identity development in young adults who emigrated from the former USSR (HEBREW) MA Hemi, Alla Rich Yisrael
2013 Identity issues in the pedagogical thinking and practice of cinema teachers (HEBREW) Ph.D Fichman, Elad
2012 Identity development and identity education: perspectives of educational counselors (HEBREW) MA Idan, Avishag Rich Yisrael
2010 The association between work family conflict and facilitation and the qualitative usage of family time (HEBREW) MA Sarel, Ella Rich Yisrael
2008 The relationship between family culture, identity exploration and personal stability in emerging adulthood (HEBREW) Ph.D Seri, Nurit Rich Yisrael
2007 Direct and indirect effects on students’ educational outcomes as a function of the teacher’s personality and the socio-emotional climate in class (HEBREW) Ph.D Nuemeier, Miriam Rich Yisrael
2006 Perceptions of parents’ division of labor, experience in blending roles and work-family expectations among young adults (HEBREW) MA Salmon, Limor Rich Yisrael
2006 The relationship between spiritual well-being and ego-identity among modern Orthodox and non-religious university students (HEBREW) MA Soria, Ofra Rich Yisrael
2005 Estrangement from religion among adolescents: personal, family, educational and community factors (HEBREW) Ph.D Winograd Jean, Tehiya Rich Yisrael
2004 Pedagogical beliefs of Tanach and Tushba teachers of girls in religious high schools (HEBREW) Ph.D Iluz, Shira Rich Yisrael
2001 The development of teachers’ efficacy and expertise in the process of establishing the use of computers in teaching (HEBREW) Ph.D Granit, Aliza Rich Yisrael
2001 The relationship between Israeli adolescents' attitudes toward components of their self identity and toward liberal democracy (HEBREW) MA Gross Esther Evelyn Rich Yisrael
2001 Teachers' attitudes and willingness to mainstream students with special needs in the regular class (HEBREW) MA Oren, Sara Rich Yisrael
2000 Efficacy beliefs of novice and expert teachers regarding learning disabled and gifted students in regular classes (HEBREW) MA Amitay, Hadassa Rich Yisrael
2000 The correlation between the teacher's commitment to the school and to the student and implementing pedagogical change in the classroom (HEBREW) MA Kuperberg, Noga Rich Yisrael
2000 Differences between school counselors and teachers in understanding of the concept "motivation" (HEBREW) MA Shiram, Zisa Rich Yisrael