Theses & Dissertations


Year Title Type Student Name Advisor
2017 The relationship between peers and parents’ involvement to adolescents risk-taking : a comparison between young and older adolescents (HEBREW) MA Goldbaum Coral Romi Shlomo
2016 The usage of online support groups by teenagers, and it’s degree of connection to their relationship with their parents and friends, and to their feeling of social belonging and social support (HEBREW) MA Levi Levin Ayelet
2016 Attitudes towards inclusion of students with conduct disorders in the regular class and the degree of empathy towards them : a comparison between teachers, parents and members of the peer group (HEBREW) MA Matityahu, Na’ama Romi Shlomo
2016 Career success attributes of men and women with and without learning disabilities (HEBREW) MA Sheinenzon, Bracha
2015 Teachers’ and students’ attitudes toward attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD) : educational, social, emotional and behavioral aspects with respect to religiosity (HEBREW) Ph.D Armon, Haim-Yedidya
2015 Leisure activities amongst religious girls (HEBREW) MA Ben-Hur, Shulamit
2015 Volunteering with at-risk youth: the correlation between the volunteers’ background, motives for volunteering and self-concept clarity, and the amount of empathy towards the at-risk youth (HEBREW) MA Horovitz, Chaviva Romi Shlomo
2015 The relationship between background variables and attitudes of teachers and students towards classroom management styles of teachers and behavior characteristics of students (HEBREW) Ph.D Yakobi Zilberberg Liraz Romi Shlomo
2014 Animal-assisted group therapy for children with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and their parents (HEBREW) MA Isack-Hellmann, Shira Romi Shlomo
2014 Attitudes of religious adolescents towards religion and belief: changes following the journey to Poland (HEBREW) MA Wiesenfeld, Eyal
2013 Parents’ identification and alertness, their involvement and the relationship between them and their children’s attitudes toward school, social adjustment, self-efficacy and academic achievements (HEBREW) Ph.D Ben-Tov, Shoshana Romi Shlomo
2013 The relationship between sensory disability of parents and the ability for empathy, emotional literacy and independence of their non-disabled children (HEBREW) MA Braun-Aviyashar, Einat
2013 Socialization agents and motivation factors related to the choice of continuation studies among Yeshiva High Schools’ (Yeshivot Tichoniot) students after graduation (HEBREW) MA Cohen, Amir
2013 The relationship between parenting style and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) adolescents’ self-esteem, and the coping styles of the teenagers’, their parents and their teachers (HEBREW) MA Giar-Bushari, Michal Romi Shlomo
2013 The relation between perceptions about sexual assault and exposure to explicit sexual contents on the internet among boys and girls in adolescence (HEBREW) MA Klein, Merav
2013 The relationship between personal differentiation and the level of equality between the quality of married in the transition to parenthood among couples (HEBREW) MA Revivo, Natali
2013 Decisions taking about risky behaviors - the self regulation perspective : the relationship between cognitive, social, personality-related and meta-cognitive factors among normative and at risk adolescents (HEBREW) Ph.D Salkovsky, Merav Romi Shlomo
2012 Self esteem, self social efficacy and Jewish identity : changes in youths following the ’masa Israeli’ - ’Israeli journey’ (HEBREW) MA Baruchin, Asnat Romi Shlomo
2012 The relationship between well being and attachment style, family support and values among adolescents with various levels of exposure to ongoing security threats (HEBREW) Ph.D Ben David, Yifat Romi Shlomo
2012 Object relations in late singleness and marriage (HEBREW) MA Cohen, Moran
2012 The relationship between attachment styles, self-esteem, social skills and social adjustment among children of immigrants (foreign workers) in Israel (HEBREW) MA Kedoshim, Lital
2011 The relationship between ethnic-cultural identity, role perception, coping style, working environment and burnout among youth workers in Israel (HEBREW) Ph.D Getahune, Simcha Romi Shlomo
2011 Emotional and perceptual aspects of persistent indecisiveness in the process of choosing a mate in relation to response patterns to dissatisfaction in romantic relationships (HEBREW) MA Shapira, Eliana
2010 Typology of youth in distress in Israel (HEBREW) Ph.D Etzion, Dafna Romi Shlomo
2010 Patterns of help-seeking among normative and at-risk youth: characteristics of the help receiver, help provider, and perceptions of the problem (HEBREW) Ph.D Kaim, Zeev Romi Shlomo