Theses & Dissertations


Year Title Type Student Name Advisor
2017 Between altruism and egoism : motherhood to a big family and career - experience of religious Zionists women (HEBREW) MA Binenfeld-Izak, Yael Gross Zehavit
2017 The relationship between over responsivity and temperament on emotional functioning and self-efficacy in childhood (HEBREW) Ph.D Buchris-Bazak, Shira
2017 The relationship between epistemological beliefs, achievement goals and test anxiety in eleventh grade students (HEBREW) MA Cohen, Noa
2017 Procedural learning and the ability to transfer verbal stimuli and nonverbal stimuli: comparison between readers with developmental dyslexia to normal readers (HEBREW) MA Davidovitch, Tali
2017 Vocabulary and metalinguistic awareness of monolingual and bilingual preschool children MA Goldstein, Tamara
2017 Parents knowledge about their child’s daycare : what do they know and what do they want to know? (HEBREW) MA Goldwasser-Bloch, Vered
2017 The contribution of performance and verbal IQ in the ability to conduct conversation and cooperation within the age group of autistic children with minimal verbal skills (HEBREW) MA Koren, Dror Bauminger Nirit
2017 Can oral repetition of a word and its meaning promote word learning? : an experiment with e-book support in the Arabic language (HEBREW) MA Mahamid, Nareman Korat Ofra
2017 Learning new words by reading an electronic book compared to mothers reading a printing book to their children (HEBREW) MA Novak-Shaked, Dor Korat Ofra
2017 Graduates’ experiences of elementary school from educational and values perspectives (HEBREW) MA Ohana, Oshrit Court Deborah
2017 Peer collaboration intervention for minimally verbal children with autism spectrum disorder in relation to their sensory profile (HEBREW) MA Samuel-Magal, Karen Bauminger Nirit
2017 The Influence of the ontological hierarchy on hybrid perception by children with typical development and by children with langauge impairment Ph.D Sanhedrai, Navah
2017 The contribution of schools security guards to students’ sense of safety (HEBREW) MA Segev, Or Yablon Yaacov B.
2017 The contribution of schools security guards to students’ sense of safety (HEBREW) MA Segev, Or Yablon Yaacov B.
2016 A case study of the use of "teaching the conflicts" pedagogy in the course "contemporary theory" and its impact on the English teachers who took part in the course (HEBREW) MA Abutbul, Ester Resnick David
2016 The socialization and feminine identity of Jewish-Ethiopian girls who graduated from Israeli "ulpanas" (HEBREW) MA Alemu, Aviva Gross Zehavit
2016 The moderating role of classroom goal structure in the relationship between students’ academic and social achievement goals (HEBREW) MA Amit, Shira Madjar Nir
2016 Parental knowledge and perception regarding the quality of daycare in Israel : is it possible to make a difference? (HEBREW) MA Arad-Turjanski, Ayelet
2016 Vocabulary enrichment among LSES kindergarten children using educational e-book with and without kindergarten teacher’s mediation (HEBREW) Ph.D Atishkin, Shifra Korat Ofra
2016 The level of parental conflict, the perception of importance of life roles and expectations for work-family conflict among young women with divorced parents (HEBREW) MA Avni, Sivan
2016 The link between cross-model synchronization and arithmetic and readiness skills among elementary school children (HEBREW) Ph.D Badir, Horriyah
2016 Learning and formation of procedural memory in adolescents diagnosed with ADHD (HEBREW) MA Balzar, Dafna Adi-Japha Esther
2016 Emotional expressiveness in minimally verbal children with autism spectrum disorder during collaborative interactive-activity (HEBREW) MA Bar Yehuda, Shahar Bauminger Nirit
2016 The effects of online ’powerful learning environments’ on self-regulated learning, technological pedagogical content knowledge and sefl-efficacy about technology integration among preservice teachers MA Ben-Aharon, Danit
2016 Differences of school performance according to years in which internal and external standard tests are performed (HEBREW) MA Boustanai-Halfon, Adva Klein Joseph