Theses & Dissertations


Year Title Type Student Name Advisor
2018 Team-based simulations as a tool for developing an ethical code of conduct among counselors and employers in supported employment frameworks : learner centered education (HEBREW) Ph.D Ben-Amram, Miri Shapira-Lischinsky Orly
2018 Emotional intelligence and psychological capital : a comparison between adults with intellectual disabilities and adults with typical development (HEBREW) MA מלכה-צמח, יעל Lifshitz-Vahav Hefziba
2017 The effect of socialization processes in the Israeli school system on the development of female identity among educated Bedouin women (HEBREW) MA Altory Samaher Gross Zehavit
2017 The development of lexical, morph. lexical and morphological processing : comparison between middle-high and low socioeconomic backgrounds (HEBREW) MA Amit, Adva Schiff Rachel
2017 Learning from successes and failures through a non-formal education organizational climate in a municipal youth council (HEBREW) MA Amram Asherov, Einav Gross Zehavit
2017 Professional development of mathematics teachers in planning and executing a lesson integrated with technology and self-regulation using the Japanese approach (HEBREW) Ph.D Avital, Hava Kramarski Bracha
2017 The contribution of therapeutic riding and the maternal attachment patterns to the improvement of executive function, sensory processing, the experience of self esteem, the child’s attachment pattern and the maternal distress level among children (HEBREW) Ph.D Aviv, Tali
2017 Background music and story content expansion in electronic book as story comprehension and retelling facilitators for kindergarten children (HEBREW) MA Ben-Shabat Segre, Anat Korat Ofra
2017 The role of emotional regulation in the relationship between depressive symptoms to non-suicidal self-injury (HEBREW) MA Ben-Shabat, Shiran Madjar Nir
2017 Characteristics of object play, social play and social-pretend play in preschoolers with high-functioning ASD, in relation to ASD severity, social disability, chronological age and IQ (HEBREW) MA Bernstein, Moran Bauminger Nirit
2017 Enhancing spatial perceptions and linguistic among preschoolers : a comparison between technological and non-technological intervention (HEBREW) MA Bichman, Liat Eden Sigal
2017 Between altruism and egoism : motherhood to a big family and career - experience of religious Zionists women (HEBREW) MA Binenfeld-Izak, Yael Gross Zehavit
2017 Long term memory difficulties and DCD diagnosed children, is there any relation? (HEBREW) MA Brestel Gitit Adi-Japha Esther
2017 The relationship between over responsivity and temperament on emotional functioning and self-efficacy in childhood (HEBREW) Ph.D Buchris-Bazak, Shira
2017 The relationship between epistemological beliefs, achievement goals and test anxiety in eleventh grade students (HEBREW) MA Cohen, Noa
2017 Procedural learning and the ability to transfer verbal stimuli and nonverbal stimuli: comparison between readers with developmental dyslexia to normal readers (HEBREW) MA Davidovitch, Tali
2017 The connection between the characteristics of the Palestinian cultural ethnic identity, civil identity and well-being and pro social behavior among adolescents in Arab society in Israel (HEBREW) MA Eissa Anan Yinon Avigail
2017 Does rejection sensitivity moderate the relationship between school belonging and non-suicidal self-injury? (HEBREW) MA Fellner Noa Madjar Nir
2017 The process of personal development as a pedagogical tool for the teacher as an educator in the ways of "meaningful learning" in Israel : a theoretical study (HEBREW) MA Fox, Nurit Court Deborah
2017 The contribution of joint attention abilities to the development of conversation skills of minimally verbal children with autism (MVCwA) (HEBREW) MA Fraidlin, Avner Bauminger Nirit
2017 Acquisition of artificial grammar amongst who are challenged in mastering of English as a foreign language (HEBREW) MA Fried Noy
2017 Changing perceptions of students about different teaching approaches : frontal teaching, constructivist cooperative teaching that combines computer skills (HEBREW) MA Frish, Judith Court Deborah
2017 The involvement of non government organizations in the implementation of educational policy (HEBREW) Ph.D Gali, Y. Gaziel Haim
2017 School middle leaders’ perceptions of "the meaningful learning reform" (HEBREW) MA Geffen Sitton Hagay Schechter Chen
2017 The role of extraversion rejection-sensitivity in non-suicidal self-injury (HEBREW) MA Gold Elia Reut Madjar Nir